Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

I am so lucky to have so many great mom friends!!!!! Love you ladies so much!

Capitalizing on the fact that this is the best time of year the Pumpkin Patches in North Carolina are booming! I am blessed to have a large group of mom friends here so I thought it would be a blast to all go to the pumpkin patch for a playdate!

I did a little bit of research but my friend Abby told me she had gone by Hall's and said it had tons of little stuff for the kids to do...and she was right!

They had Cars, balls, water feature, fort, tractors, playground, much for these kids to do!

Gotta love the Dollar Store! Not my best work with Paint Pens but you get the idea!

Buckets as coolers for the juice boxes...More Dollar store!

TS who has a birthday coming up!

HS, how cute is that shirt and those curls!

LZ, cruising in the cars

 SF wins the Cutest outfit award!

F's buddy WM...too cute for words! You should hear him laugh

Fisher kids....cute!

Hay Fort!

F loved this!!!!

F and GW with the huge spider. GW is known to my family as frat hair. LOVE his floppy curls

ED wearing the cutest pink skinny cords EVER.

haha, RS....go through the other side!

We only have a few girls in our is GW trying to work his magic


F's girlfriend ALH. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this looks like she is singing...."Stop, in the name of love!"


Our trip was a blast! I feel horrible because I didn't get half of the pictures I normally get of all the kiddos but without M there I was chasing and running and chasing and snagging F all over the place.


    I know HS and his mommy!! She was a sorority sister of mine at CofC. What a fun outing.