Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Radar

Do you rotate between working on house projects and then working on yourself? If I had to pick a financially significant other it would be my house. You know that saying "I would rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck" -Emma Golden (Thanks Two Ellie!)...well that is me. Of course I wouldn't turn diamonds down but if M gave me a set amount of money and told me to go spend it....it would probably be on my house or my kids. 

So...after a few projects that have brought in a little extra cash I finally bought myself some art! (Instead of that MUCH needed massage)

"Nobody's Perfect" by the fabulous MFAMB
So excited!!! It just arrived yesterday and now...where to hang it!?

I need about 4 more of these. This is probably in my top three candles ever. Paddywax Wild Blackberry, TRUST me.

I HATE our firescreen. It is old and black and boring. Look at this amazing stunner from Neiman Marcus. We would have to remove the fancy legs and get something more flush with the bottom so the sparks don't sneak out from underneath but this would make me soooo happy! Single Panel Firescreen $335

These awesome knee socks from Sahalie $19.95. Perfect for under boots, wellies or just with your tennis shoes!

Gorgeous Gemma Arterton-I need new underthings...you would not be my friend if you knew what I wore.Straight-up Fashion Police.

How cute are the Boden flats? I wonder how they fit?! Just checked and they are sold out. FAIL. 

What have you passed over for yourself and bought for others instead?


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