Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Do you Kiss Hello?

Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Joe always tackles the best topics and I'm curious about this one myself.

I remember when I was a dorky teen visiting New Orleans I was taken under the wing of my friend Jimbo. Jimbo was WAY cooler than me and had quite possibly the most awesome group of friends. Nobody judged me for being a nerd from Asheville, they just all took me to The Boot and Fat Harry's for my first Nola bar experiences.

All the New Orleans kids kissed each other hello. This was over NYE so it wasn't just the season, they did this every time they saw each other. I was fascinated by these mature hip teens and vowed I was going to carry the tradition up to Asheville. But I didn't.

Several of the husbands of my friends also kiss hello. I always feel like a goober b/c I'm so short so I turn my head and poor things end up kissing my ear. I'm sorry! It was a huge difference when we went to visit M's family in Switzerland and they kiss 3 times! But since EVERYONE does it over there it was no big deal and it was already a habit after a week.

I went to a party this weekend and met one of my friend's friends and at the end of the night she gave me a kiss goodbye.(On the cheek guys) It was so endearing and sweet and it had me thinking, this one tiny gesture can make someone feel so loved. I don't think we kiss enough. All my parents friends have always kissed me on the cheek, should I start kissing my friends kids?

The one that really got me was a sweet friend brought over an AMAZING lasagna the day after I got out of the hospital. I was pretty weak and didn't even move off the couch and on her way out she kissed me on the forehead and told me she loved me. How am I so lucky to have such loving friends? This meant so much to me and it was probably a typical gesture on her behalf but it got me thinking... If I'm such a friendly outgoing person why don't I do more of this? I love my friends and think the world of them. I think its time to spread the love!

I mean, if Football players can do it, I think we all should!

 What do you think? Do you kiss people hello? If there is anything this world needs right now its more love. Watch out this Christmas and New Years....I'm on a smooch greeting frenzy! And if you don't want to actually make contact, you can always air*kiss a-la Hillary.

(Joanna also posted about the xoxo here)


  1. I've experienced the same revelation as an adult. Why does everyone kiss hello and goodbye but me? I'm a germ-a-phobe and kissing isn't an ingrained habit of mine, so I'm gonna take baby steps and start with the air kiss. Thanks for discussing!

  2. I like kissing people hello fine, but fine a double kiss pretentios. Sometimes a single one can be ratyher hoity toity as well, actually. I think it depends on the intent of the kisser.

  3. My parents' friends always kiss me and it feels creapy! Especially the ones that go for the lips! YUCK!!

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