Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rainy Day Outfit

What we are doing right now. (HA!) I asked him to take my picture and he locked me out of the house. Hilarious M, hilarious.

So what are you wearing today? I get this question all the time. (Stop sexting me Brett Favre!) Mostly because of my insane fashion sense, but honestly because M cannot believe I leave the house like I do. I work from home so why get dressed up for Daycare right? I'm pretty sure the other Moms either think I'm homeless or an Muppet Olsen twin.

I wanted to share with you what I was wearing today in this bleak dreary rainy weather that we have had since Monday. And if you Pin it or tweet it please make sure you link it back to my blog so everyone knows where this stellar contribution came from.

Green Long sleeve 100% cotton Pi Beta Phi Christmas Cocktail 1999 shirt (I have the pictures upstairs...I think it put us on probation for the bathroom incident), pink polka dot Gap Pajama Pants from 1997 (similar here), Cashmere socks (that's right), LL Bean Boots, Monogram necklace from here, Red hair by Kristen here, and no shame courtesy of working from home, lousy weather, and lack of sleep (thanks two year old molars)

And my rainy day accessories? Blue Marmot PreCip Jacket I bought when I moved to Florida in 2003 (no longer waterproof) want another one but not wild about colors.. Black & Gold umbrella from Deb Season as an invite to a party. (Also seen at our Wedding). And just in case you want to know, underneath this sensational getup is this.

(Your super stylish friend KBF)


  1. Ahmazing. You stylish minx you.
    So chic I do believe I saw a similar look at Fashion week, no?

  2. Enormous inspiration to vamp up my weekday church drop off look! We have a similar (lace) second line umbrella that could work beautifully in this mess (and of course add a touch of class). Hm.

  3. Wow, you are really stepping it up! I wondered what you've been up to over the past month of no blogging. You've been getting all stylish and sexy on us. You go girl!

  4. You just made me spit out my drink. Shipping some wine your way you obvisouly need it.

  5. :) Love it! I too work from home and have a two year old - getting up early and getting dressed has been on my list for at least year......Thank goodness for carpool and I don't have to get out of the car!