Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ornament Swap 2012

I didn't really do paper invites but will next year! I love evite but sometimes there is something special about getting a paper invite.

I probably should have canceled this year's swap but I just couldn't do it. I love my friends so much and I absolutely love an excuse for a party so I would have been depressed if it didn't happen! I did promise that I wouldn't cook a thing and do as little as possible.

M rocked out the outside of the house. (I did promise him two days of golf last weekend if he completed my checklist). How great does it look?!

I bought all the ingredients to make Ooey Gooey bars (thanks Margaret for getting me hooked!) and Cajun Crack Dip but neither happened. Lots of other things wouldn't have happened either if it hadn't been for my friend Anna! She loves party planning as much as I do and she came over and said..Let's get to work! She helped me fluff the tree in the dining room, paint the take home ornaments and set the table. Then before the party started lots of girls came early and hung ornaments on my tree! I am so so lucky to have such an amazing group of girlfriends here in Charlotte!!! Love you all! Oh, and they all brought wine and food! I felt like a lazy hostess!

So enough are the pictures! I usually take more of the decor and tons more party pics but Nurse Abby kept yelling at me to sit down. (Love you Abby!)

Tree in the Dining Room with take home ornaments for the girls!

The spread

Somebody made a brief appearance!

Deep conversation about ________ and _______

Party Girls

More Party girls!

Stealing begins...

Most stolen ornament! The Furbish Donkey!

Mrs. Nurse Abby. Thank you so much for watching out for me!!!!

Love these ornaments....

We use our fireplace too much so stockings go on the stairs! (Someone PLEASE rip up that carpet!)

Take homes for each lady!

Thank you all so so much for coming and helping! I promise next year I will be back to ramming speed and all bourboned up once you arrive!



  1. What fun! So glad you were able to pull off your tradition besides your health scare -- but you'd never know that you weren't at 100% from the looks of this party!!

  2. You are always the best hostess, even when you are 3 days out of the ICU. So fun!

  3. Oh my gosh, how fun!!! I want to host/go to an ornament swap!!