Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Christmas Wish List

 Well, I wanted to blog about all my other lists first but I am getting bugged for mine! Full list here

Here she blows!

Things I need: (AKA must have to stay a happy wife and mother)

Makeup. I'm embarrassed to say that I use junk products. I would love the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick $42 as a starting piece and maybe some gel eyeliner? I would also need lessons on how to apply both.
Personalized Camera Strap. Etsy $44. I lug my camera EVERYWHERE and this would be the perfect way to personalize my new 60D!

A Massage. I have had three in my lifetime. Ready? I got in a wreck in college so that was 1. My second was my honeymoon and my third was a prenatal massage at Ballantyne (Thanks Kelly Jenkins!) I have a $50 giftcard from last year to Ballantyne so I only really need another $60 more. Here is a photo from the Grove Park Inn spa. Never been there either.
How relaxed does she look? I would need 2 girlfriends and 4 more bottles of wine and white chocolate covered fudge oreos...but you get the idea.

Shoes. I haven't bought new shoes in ages. I bought a cheapo pair for my girls weekend in Charleston but I could definitely use a pair of wedges or flats!

Lululemon Groove Pant $98. I was told that I need these. Mostly b/c I work from home and this is my uniform. My Nike's that were $65 are my absolute favorite but I sat on a red hot coal...burned straight through to my ass. Are Lulu's worth it?

J.Crew Bow-neck top. $110 (Thanks Natalie!) This would look beautiful with red hair and blue eyes! Right??

Things I want: (AKA really belong in the need column but didn't want to look like a selfish brat)

Candles Candles Candles. The Paddywax Wild Blackberry $29 I think I blog about monthly and it the bees knees.

I have two winter vests. The first is Banana Republic circa 1999, the second is an Old Navy puffer...boo. I want a Barbour, a fleece or J.Crew. These three are lovely.

J.Crew Excursion quilted vest $110. XS, any color.

Fancy skinny jeans. Natalie swears by the Rag and Bone High Rise Skinny $176. Currently the pair I am always wearing are....wait for it......Rock & Republic from Kohl's. I'm so ashamed.

Lilly Pulitzer "Make it a Double" Sweater. $148 If you know me you know this should really be in the Need list.

Spotify premium. I listen to music while I work and when I go Uptown I can't stream all my favorite playlists....just a 1 year subscription? More on Spotify here

"In your dreams" gifts. (AKA if you got me any of these I would cry big fat happy tears)

I want to go duck hunting with my Dad. He has the best stories of hunting with his father and I would love nothing more than to go with him. He is probably headed to the Bayou Club this January but Pawleys Island Posh's hubby gave me a few other great spots!

This watch..just needs a little gold thrown in there so I could wear everyday.

This camera bag by Kelly Moore
This painting from At West End

And a trip back here.



  1. I'm terrible with eyeliner and find the BB Gel liner to be pretty user-friendly. I also have a slight obsession with lululemon, so I say totally worth it. However, you will not want to go back to your Nike stuff ever again.

  2. You crack me up! That eyeshadow looks amazing and I love the first vest!!!