Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Would you like to tie me up with some of your ties, Ty?

Lacey Underall: I bet you've got a lot of nice ties. 
Ty Webb: How do you mean? 
Lacey Underall: Would you like to tie me up with some of your ties, Ty? 

Let's talk ties. M doesn't dress up for work but my Dad and brother do. And if some people would either start getting married or start throwing parties it would give M a chance to wear his ties!

M won't be getting a tie this year..but if he was in the market I think he needs another Fox tie. Found this one from Coastal Tradition. Sly Fox Bow Tie $37.50

Or this Ben Silver Wool/Silk Fox tie in Brown $130. Not sure about a brown tie.

Forever it seemed Brooks Brothers was the king of ties (at least for my family). Then came Vineyard Vines. They still remain a favorite for my Dad. Here are some he would love.

VVines New Orleans Street Tiles $75 at Perlis
He is desperate to find the above in Pink. His currently looks like this from too much wear!:

Other Vineyard Vines favorites for Dad: 

VV Bird Dog $75

VV Stocking Stuffer $75

VV Yellow Lab $75
This one looks like our beloved Yellow Lab Dewars. I will post about his wonderful life soon.

VV Rainbow Trout Bowtie $55

My brother is quite possibly the hardest in our family to shop for. He still likes a good Vineyard but loves him some Hermes. Possibly these for him?

Hermes Roulez Cheval $195 (bahahaha, I love you Beau but $195!!??) Although he was the first person to buy me Lilly Pulitzer.

Hermes Ours Polaire $195

Vineyard Vines Daschund tie $75. For his new puppy Opie!

And for all his frequent black tie functions, VV Cummerbund Set in Sail $110

What are you favorite tie companies? Here are a few others I have been hearing about.

Southern Proper Dove Gent tie in Red $75.

Collared Greens Chestnut Bow $55. American made!

Perlis Nola Couture Crawfish Tie $65

Bird Dog Bay Duck Dogs Tie in Brown $75. I would buy this for my Dad in a heartbeat if it came in other colors.

Pelican Coast Neckwear Flambeau Tie $75

Are you buying ties this Christmas?


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