Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beach Essentials Part 1-Shirts, Towels and Bags

Most adorable Kids cover-up EVER

Beach Front Pawleys

Do you ever notice that all the beachy summer stuff is on sale right after Easter? And then when you go looking for it to prep for your July beach vacation all the stores are flinging back to school stuff at you?

My plan is to order early (AKA now). Here are some necessities for the fairer skinned of us. Wonder what I mean? Here is my nephew and I at the beach after 5 days in the sun. He is still WAY darker than me! Sunscreen will get its own entire post.

First up is a great rash guard/coverup. I won't lie...I'm still not comfortable trotting along the sand (chasing a toddler) in a bikini. And I'm uber white. This shirt from Lands End is amazing. It provides UPF 50 protection and can be work with tons of different bottoms!

Or the Solid white. How cute would this be with a monogram on the left or right hip?

And as far as the kids stinking cute are these? Prodoh Vented UPF 50 shirt
Good looking sun protection for the beach or just around town in the summer!

The other cover you need is a towel .I bought a set of 4 cute Pottery Barn towels years ago on sale but I'm looking for new ones. Because that is something I should spend money on right? This first towel is for you Charlotte!

Would love to order 4 of these and get them monogrammed! "Fuchin Beach" would look good right?

Or the Beach Towel in Tile. Lands End is killing it!

Now how do you haul all your towels?? We have always been LLBean Bag people for the beach. They are roomy and sand dumps out easily but my friend Traci Zeller posted about this bag last year and I'm thinking it would be perfect for the pool or beach!
Any OCD friends just salivating at what to put in the pockets??

Speaking of the beach.........ever want to kick yourself in the butt? Max and I created these back in 2005. Yes, 2005. From PVC pipe. 

And now these are everywhere. FML
For the record mine has a longer shaft that is sharper so its pretty secure. Stop laughing at the word shaft.

Here's to a happy and safe summer in the sun! WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!!!!!!!!

Next week we discuss bathing suits and what fucking tent to buy. Because we have broken two. They need to be able to handle a strong wind and have a decent shade footprint. The TENT, not the bathing suit.


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  1. Do the rash guards run true to size, or are they a little large. I've found some things from LLBean and Lands End to run a little large.