Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day

BB's Wedding Day

I have seen some pretty gorgeous wishlists throughout the blogosphere for Mother's Day this Sunday. I would be lying if I said there wasn't one or two things I would like to have. But with my Mom's birthday last week and Sunday around the corner I haven't really thought about anyone else but her. So while I love each and every one of your mother's day gift ideas, here is what I want from you:

I want you to cherish your mother this Sunday. I want you to hug her tight and look into her eyes and tell her how much she means to you. Most of my friends are moms themselves and we are just starting to realize what it means to truly be a Mother. I want you to be thankful for every single thing she does for you. Every single thing. 

That she can drive to visit you by herself.
That she can help you decorate your home.
For the way she spoils your children.
That she is your emergency contact.
That she can order take-out and come over with movies.
That she can whip up a wonderful dinner.
That she can text/email/skype/facebook you.
That she can enjoy a good book and call you to discuss.
That she knows when you are going through a rough time and calls to check up on you.
That she helps you have some free time by taking your kids.
That you two can go shopping together and almost pick out the same outfits.
That she works hard at her job or volunteer work and has a passion for what she does. 
That she gives you suggestions on what make-up to use, what clothes to wear, what the "hot" shoes are this season.
That she reminds you of important events in the family.

You aren't supposed to look better than the bride Mom!!!

I want each and every one of you to appreciate these things on Sunday. And every day. I want you to know how amazing your mothers are and be THANKFUL for everything they do for you. Whether it is worrying too much about you, forwarding a silly email, calling to make sure you made it home or giving your kids too much ice cream. I want you to LOVE these things and be aware that they are not forever. Because...

Alzheimer's has taken these things away from my Mother. 

This is not a request for pity. I don't want you to feel sorry for us. I want the emotion you are feeling to empower you to hug your mom a little tighter this Mother's Day. This is a request for all of us to take a minute out of our crazy tweeting/facebooking/instagramming lives and let our Mother's know what they mean to us.

I love you BB. 
Moving into Charlotte house

Wedding dress shopping! I wish I got her skin!! (thanks Dad)

F's 1st Birthday

Thanksgiving 2011

Pi Phi Parents Cocktail 2002. How gorgeous is she?!


  1. Beautiful post my sweet friend and so darn true! So many things to be thankful for! Your mom is gorgeous like you! Inside and out!

  2. Such a lovely post. Wonderful photos of grand moments. Such a beautiful family.
    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  3. You two are the best. Gorgeous inside and out!