Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Gifts-Booze, Fire and Sex....

A Million Wings: A Spirited Story of the Sporting Life Along the Mississippi Flyway. Amazon $35.00

While I was at SEWE this year the author was signing copies of this book so Dad already received his Father's Day present a tad early. Maybe I should get him a little something else? Here are some ideas from a few of my "Man Sources".

Fox Bookends from Furbish $60

Ole Smoky Moonshine. Or as my Dad's buddy calls it... East Tennessee Dancin Fuel

YETI Cooler. Apparently these are all the rage. The YETI Roadie 20 (About 5 gallons) will run you about $230. If you can't afford that you can always get the hat...

Don't forget the Grill Cover. (Cannot believe I'm posting this...just for you CCF)

Hadn't heard of this gem until we had drinks at Block and Grinder last week. Here is a great write-up. A quote from Andrew Strenio's post "A small batch bourbon, each run is produced from dumps of 100 or fewer barrels of 6 to 12 year old whiskey, and bottled at 92 proof. The bourbon is a textbook example of a smooth sipper—if you're looking for a ragged whiskey knock-out you may be disappointed (and in that case, stick with Wild Turkey or Old Crow for your fix). But if you stick around, Larceny seriously delivers the flavor. The nose is a familiar bourbon experience, with vanilla, oak, a nice grain kick, dark cherries, and surprisingly *loads* of cinnamon."

and of course, the last response....Good Lovin. Because that is what men really want right??

Happy Father's Day to you & yours!

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