Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beach and Pool Bags

Tory Burch vs Wal-Mart

When I go to the pool I try to stuff everything in an old Hold Everything monogrammed wanna-be LL Bean bag. 
Puddle Jumper snapped to the side, Vanilla Wafers, husbands shorts and sunscreen. I abandoned the toys at  the pool and we had to carry our towels. (Old initials)

It has interior pockets and has been great until now. But 4 towels, toys, snacks, diapers, sunscreen just doesn't seem to fit. And since it is just one bag my magazines get wet with kids suits and damp towels. So if you don't want to haul 4 LL Bean bags around what do you do? 
I grew up using these guys...and while we have plenty maybe I just need to order one more.

My BFF and I were at this cute store in Raleigh that sold all the Scout bags. We were both overwhelmed with the choices. This one has these pockets, this one has more space, this one has a fancy clear spot for a wedding ring..etc..etc...

But still, once you get one huge enough for towels and toys..where does your sunscreen/magazine/iphone stuff go? I'm starting to think I need two bags. One for the essentials and stuff you don't want to get ruined, and one for everything else. Or maybe we just use our LL Bean and get some handy clear zipper iphone sleeping bags.

Here are probably too many Beach Bag suggestions starting with my favorites and ending with a few jokes

LL Bean Boat and Tote Ranging Prices.
The quintessential beach bag. These guys can take a beating and will never ever go out of style.

Striped Beach Tote from Vineyard Vines $99.99
Precious, and on sale.

This is probably the best bag. I have blogged about it before but haven't bought it yet.
 It isn't pretty but look at the stats:
Holds 6 beach towels
9 pleated pockets
Secret zippered pocked for valuables
Carabiner hook for keys

and this little guy would be great for the outdoor showers..

Pretty..but not sure how many shovels i can fit in there

Great pockets but could only hold 10 magazines..where does your towel and toys go?

WWIG? (Where would Iphone Go?)

Good size, but no interior pockets. WWIG? (Where would Iphone go?)

Not a beach tote by any means but soo pretty. 

Large Utility Tote via Sweet Monograms on Etsy $32.50
My buddy  has this at the pool and it was great. What about getting sand in it though? Could I attack the bottom with a hole puncher?

I have seen several of these at the pool and really want one! Need to slap a monogram on that puppy though.

You laugh but seriously...kind of awesome

My Dad totally needs this.

And by the way.... That uber cool site that lets bloggers earn money when you click on things they suggest...well they declined me so I don't earn squat off these BADASS recommendations! So go ahead and send me one if you want!



  1. Ha - I got denied by that site, too! Hmph. My kids are a little older now, but for a few years, we used the super-huge Scout Four Boys bag. It held our towels, pool toys, etc. I put large ziploc bags in it for our smaller stuff - one bag for sunscreens, one for shower stuff, etc. Now I use the smaller Scout bag (the one you showed - pink chevron with navy trim) and put a smaller lightweight bag in it with the kids' change of clothes.