Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MMHP-Riptides, Tropical Storms, Packing, Kroger and Where to Eat Lunch at Pawleys

 GOES-EAST IR AVN Image (with a few spectacular edits)

If my normal OCD/Anxiety is at an 8 off my drugs, this week I'm an 18. We leave for the beach next Monday for almost 2 weeks! How to even wrap my brain around that is why I have the shakes....if you saw my house and the "Beach Command Center" you would probably need a drink.

Here are a few of the things taking up prime real estate in my brain while I try to pack:

 I usually don't worry about these but over the Fourth of July weekend there were two deaths and 100 rescues near Myrtle Beach. I know it is from that crazy storm system that hung around for weeks but now we have another storm system to keep our eye on. Maybe the drunks should wear swimmies.

Tropical Storm Chantal.
My Dad and I start worrying about beach weather in May. That is probably a slight exaggeration but you can follow the troughs and High/Low Pressure systems and try to figure out how it will affect you once it starts slamming the middle US. Or you can't and just stress about a pesky little low pressure raining down on your week.
Current 10 day forecast....
The best beach weather is a High Pressure off the coast with winds out of the northeast and that slowly turn to the southeast in the afternoon. *Insert northwest kanye joke here*. This bitch Chantal is headed towards South Carolina and come hell or high water I will NOT let her ruin my trip. Hey you..Chantal..you fucking bitch. Get a bad case of Depression and head East you WHORE. Yep..I just made her angry. Way to go Katharine you ass-hat.

Lunch next Monday.
Our new Tradition (past 3 or 4 years) is to eat at Chive Blossom upon arriving at Pawleys. They have a killer Fried green tomato sandwich with pimento cheese and avocado...YUM.....and a full bar.
Chive is closed on Monday's so we could go back to one of our other lunch spots, Nosh or Bistro 217.
Was the old Louis's..which was the old _______ crap, i can't remember.
Nosh is located in the Hammock Shops so you can grab some Tiger Butter (I die) fudge while you are there. And who doesn't like to drink on a deck? Nosh has a great menu and again..full bar.

We tried Bistro 217 a few years ago and it was great! And apparently they have redone the place.

Um, yes and yes and yes. Read the menu. Start drooling. Seafood mac? Fish tacos? Lunch Grouper?
 Which one do you think? (We save Frank's Outback for our last meal) 
I'm going to be fat before we get to the beach house.

How to pack for 11 days!

Do I bring the same outfits and just repeat? Or do I try to sneak in 11 sundresses? Max would not be amused and neither would our Turtle Top. I googled pack for the beach and this appeared. Will read later. Plus, how do we bring all our wine? Someone want to be our wine courier? We have a spare futon and promise a home-cooked meal by Chef Boylan!

Kroger bought the Harry Peter!

Okay... not beach related but this is huge news for this NC girl. Kroger has purchased Harris Teeter for 2.4 billion. Can't even think of a perverted name to call Kroger. What will we do Dad?!
Will they rename the stores to Kroger? Doesn't Kroger have a good white pimento cheese? Kroger chicks-you like em? 
Looks like they are trying to take over the world. Right Pinky?
I seriously dislike change so kind of freaking out about this one. Yes Teeters are overpriced but they are so pretty and clean and friendly. (And everywhere)
I also like Publix but have to drive to SC for those right now. (Only a few miles honestly)

What's up in your world?


  1. Have a great time on Pawley's! I live in Charleston and am seriously hoping this tropical storm/hurricane just totally blows past us.



  2. 1. Harris Teeter + Kroger makes me happy. I love the teet. I've missed it since my Charleston days ;)

    2. I can't imagine a more perfect spot to wait out a storm than on that porch of yours in Pawleys. Have so much fun!!!

  3. Kroger says they aren't planning to change any of the HT stores - apparently they will still operate as HTs for now. We have both in Raleigh and despite Kroger being cheaper, I prefer the Teeter. Kroger does have a superior natural/organic selection, though.

    Chive Blossom is incredible. Great cocktails, too. Do you ever go to the Rice Paddy in Georgetown? Yummy. Oh, and if you haven't been to Perrone's since they redid it, go there. Not really kid-friendly, but a great date spot at the beach.

  4. God Bless you and your animaniacs "Pinky and the Brain" joke! You're the best blogger out there!

  5. I am pissed about Kroger buying HT. Ht is the mecca of all grocery stores and Kroger is lame and sucks. I hope they don't eff up HT. Chive Blossom is my fav- their lamb tacos are amazing as is the cucumber drink on the menu- get it so light and refreshing. Even if it storms at the beach you can still booze indoors and at least you can booze.

  6. Kroger is TERRIBLE. They bought all our local Schnucks groceries and they turned to crap. Fruit and veggies will go bad in less than a week, your favorite brands will disappear, their Kroger Brand foods are gross. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer!!

  7. Kroger is terrible. And now that they are the only chain in our area they just got worse. I hope they don't make many changes to HT.