Monday, July 15, 2013

Pawleys Island Bound!

I probably won't post much over the next two weeks because I will be inebriated on the coast of South Carolina at the East Coast's oldest beach resort.

And don't even think of breaking into our house. We have 3 ways to prevent that:
1. alarm system
2. contractors working on the chimney
3. BADASS neighbors with guns
4. Housesitter with a taser.

Yep, that's 4 ways instead of 3 and I didn't use capitalization. I'm already on effing VACA.



Storm over the creek

Bourbon and Cigars by moonlight

Visiting with Mama friends!

Franks Outback. I'm gonna get fat.

Fingers crossed we get a boat.

Spending time with my mama

Hanging with my adorable niece & nephew! (And my boys of course) Tan-white-tan-tan

Beachin it ALL DAY (PLEASE F!!!)

Ubiquitous Group Shot. (My gorgeous sister-in-law and Brother)

Can't wait to see you Breckenridges-Boylans-Stricklands-McCutcheons-Atkinsons-McMillans-Foys-Draytons-Smiths!

Did I leave anyone out?

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