Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kate Spade Sale

I'm baaaaaack from vacation! I have lots of topics I need to cover from my three week hiatus but have you seen the Kate Spade Sale??

I want allll of these items. But I will buy 0 because I am saving up to do some stuff to the house. (cough cough Sarah Fisher...we need to get busy). I mean, I can use last year's purse this Fall (that I bought off the resale facebook site Perfectly preppy resale) but this Miles purse is outstanding!!!!.......

Just emailed this to my BFF and she wrote back...."Damn you Boylan". (maiden name nickname from College)
Must. Have.The.BLUE.

But Black is okay. Hey Model, knock off the sad face.
PLEASE somebody send this to me just for being awesome. Just kidding. Send it to me b/c I tried the Dr. Oz Detox Cleanse and made it through 1 day!!! (recap coming tomorrow). Or just send it to me b/c you have an extra $200 your husband won't miss!!!!!!

Finally! I have had the same wallet for 10+ years and it is impossible to find one with the clear Driver's License window and a zipper pocket. This has both!!!!

I needed these for this weekend's wedding!!!! I ended up getting some just okay Nine West heels for $38 after super clearance but these would have been way better.

Just a dash of glamour to wear with your skinny jeans and sweaters this fall!

Nope, not preggo. I just ate too much at the beach. But if we decide on baby #2...this would be perfect!

What are you going to buy at the sale? Anything???

And random side note.... My sweet friend is bringing me a gorgeous necklace to borrow at this weekend's festivities...but how cute is this one? Was it Kate Spade? I found the image on Pinterest but the source didn't appear.


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