Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Put on Pause

I stayed up Sunday night typing an eloquent and thorough post about our decision to have more kids. I can't wait to publish it because i'm curious how you all grew up. Were you an only child? Did you love your siblings? Did you struggle to decide to have more than one child?  (Our decision has obviously not been reached)...... Some complications came up on the timeliness of this post so I'm postponing until Friday. (No, not preggo)
Haven't nailed the positive aspect but I've got enthusiastic DOWN.

Until then here are a few things I am trying to concentrate on.
 Yes they are cheesy motivational quotes on hipster chalkboards but that doesn't negate what they are speaking to. Will type more about what specifically I think these quotes speak to next week.


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  1. I (of course) grew up with a brother. Though we weren't particularly close, we are now. I couldn't imagine life without him. Someone told me before I had Mackensy that the best gift you could give a child is a sibling. I'm thankful I have two. WOuldn't have it any other way