Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alix Martinez Photography

One of Alix Martinez's Underwater Shots
(Pictures are going to overhang in this post. It is completely necessary.)

We have a Rockbrook Camp reunion approaching and in one of the group chats today an old friend of mine posted a link to Alix's blog. I started going through her pictures and had to pick my jaw up off the ground. 
Senior Lodge by Alix Martinez

If you know me on facebook you are avidly aware that I LOVE taking pictures. I am not anywhere near professional quality. I can get great "party pics" and take the occasional Christmas card photo...but I am not even close to where I would like to be skill wise. 
Cabin at RBC by Alix Martinez

So after stumbling on Alix's amazing pictures I immediately developed a HUGE girl crush. She is beautiful, she is a mom, she went to Rockbrook (which makes you awesome no matter what) and she is ridiculously talented. 

Take a look for yourself...

This grouping is from her series called 52 Sundays. I absolutely love this.

 Beach pics

I think her most fascinating work would be her underwater pictures. To capture these kids in their element while holding their breath underwater flabbergasts me. Alix these are gorgeous!!!!

Alix also does lots of Commercial work for magazines....

 Are you blown away? Please go check out her blog to see more of her beautiful work!
Alix I can't wait to sing songs in the Dining Hall with you in a few weeks!

xo and Rockbrook Camp Forever.

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  1. Fabulously amazing! Im so pissed Im missing the reunion AGAIN! I need some RBC time, its like medicine for your soul