Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend in New Orleans!

Dublin Street. My first home.

My parents and I are wheels up this morning to head to New Orleans. I have never been to a Saints game in the Dome and my constant harassing of my father has finally paid off. We decided to make a 3 day trip out of it to eat/drink/visit our pants off. 

I really really want to post a great list of places to go in New Orleans but my advice is outdated as when we finally do get down there we end up going to all of our old favorites and no new spots. 

Here are the stops on our list for this weekend. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

 Arrival Lunch

 Drinks at Napoleon House after lunch. The spot where my Mother hit on my Father. Yep, she picked him up in a bar!

 Trip out to Metairie

To find the Braselman Tomb(possibly my final resting spot) and the Brown Tomb

 Po-Boy from my favorite spot in between lunch and dinner. (I can hear myself getting fatter)

Would love to make it to Gleason Gras before our late dinner. Gleason Gras is named for Steve Gleason and is to raise awareness for ALS and to support the Gleason Family Trust.  
Gleason was on the Saints special teams in 2006 when the Dome opened post-Katrina and he blocked the Falcon's punt, which set up a TD for DeLoatch, and created one of the most epic Saints moments in time




Lunch. Never been. Salivating already. (I brought ALL expandable clothes)

Post-Lunch National World War II Museum. My uncle was a docent and my Dad is so excited!

39th Anniversary Dinner for my Parents!

 Drinks after??? Good bars?

And then on Sunday we will be HERE!!!!!! WHO DAT BABY! BEAT DA DIRTY BIRDS!

Tailgate in Champions Square?

And then maybe breakfast here (yes, we are being touristy) before we fly out..

What did I forget?



  1. Sounds like a great trip! This post gave me chills. I lived the first 12 years of my life in NOLA and still have most of my family there. WHO DAT!!!

  2. Sno-balls from Plum St. and/or Hansens!!!

  3. Upperline, Casamento's, Manale's, Antoine's, and mufalettas from Central grocery? I could go on for days and pounds, spending a week there at T-giving, can't wait. But you are doing yeoman's workforce a three day trip. Kiss your ma and pa for me.

  4. Sounds like you have a great trip