Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bucket List: New Orleans Saints Game in the Dome


Dome Opener, against the Falcons, Steve Gleason as honorary guest...........

And we WON!!!!!

There really are no words. I can't even begin to describe the excitement I have had building up to this game. There are also no words b/c I sound like Kathleen Turner after a carton of cigs. I'll list the best articles about the game at the end of the post. I am mad at myself for not getting a good picture of me and my parents in the dome but it was all a whirlwind. We started at 9am and my cousin's girlfriend's tailgate, then checked out Champion's Square, and then stopped by our friend's tailgate and then got to our seats. Seriously furious at myself for not stopping and taking pictures of us but I was so enthralled by the Dome atmosphere and the game that I just didn't. Let it go Kat.

Let's also mention the NAILBITER of a game it was. It was a thriller fo sho!

Here are the pictures I did get.

A huge thank you to our family friends for letting us go to the game with them. Tickets aren't easy to find and this was truly a huge deal to this Saints fan and her Dad.


  1. As a Louisiana girl born and raised, former Saints season ticket holder, now residing in NC, I am so excited you got to experience that amazing game IN PERSON!! Cheers to a great season!!


    a fellow who dat!

  2. I need to put a check mark next to a Saints game. The tailgate looks AMAZING!

    Tailgate Queen - Steph
    game day dresses

  3. I am glad you had so much fun. I can't wait to mark off going to a NFL game from my bucket list.