Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Fair, Football and BBQ. Perfect October Weekend in Charlotte!

I'm stalking Weather Underground to see if they are going to make any changes but it looks like the weather for this weekend is perfect. (Yep, I just jinxed it).

First up we have the Q-City Charlotte BBQ Competition.
Here is a list of their events. Cooking starts today so I bet uptown smells delicious! BBQ Judging is tomorrow along with the Carolina Brew Fest.
Our buddies over at Sauceman's will be competing again this year. Good luck guys!!! Here is their huge win last year.

Next up we have the Pineville Fall Festival 

Now this is not a huge fancy pig-winning fair like, perhaps, the Buncombe County Fair...but it is a great place to take kids on a Saturday. Here's a few pics of D over the years. (Same vest in 2010 and 2011)

If you go you MUST try the Root Beer from this guy. The best I've ever had.
$5 a pop but it is soooo good!

We also cruise by Simpson's Pumpkin Patch on Hwy 51 since it is almost across the street. You can't have enough pumpkins at your front door!




And last but not least, Home Football for the Carolina Panthers.
I don't know what ass-hat created the NFL Schedule but 1 home game in October is ridiculous. It is too beautiful not to have football at least twice! We are going to meet up with some friends and their kiddos to tailgate and then let the Dad's go to the game. (sad face) F loved his first Panthers game but mommy's biceps almost fell off after carrying him to the nose-bleeds.

Here's to the best time of the year!

(Yes, we have Panthers Jerseys but we are SAINTS FANS!!!!!!!!!!!)

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