Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkin Etsy Love

I have been randomly scanning Etsy for cute seasonal shirts and adding them to my favorites. Do you use Etsy? You just click the little heart icon and it saves it to your favorites list. I'll share some of mine with you next week. 

With the Pumpkin Patch party approaching last weekend I was frantic to find something for F to wear. I knew I had waited too long for shipping and hadn't found anything at the consignment sales.

Did you realize you can search by location?! I first searched North Carolina knowing that shipping would get here quickly and didn't see much I liked. Then I tried South Carolina and low and behold there was Kathy in Rock Hill with the cutest pumpkin shirt!

She did an amazing job! I was her first sale so she not only sent the shirt I purchased but another for being her first customer!

If you need any applique shirts this season please consider shopping with Sew Fabulous Kathy. She doesn't have many designs on her site yet but she can pretty much do anything you ask!
Thanks Kathy!!!