Friday, January 31, 2014

Zeb Weaver's Famous Cheese Dip

Yes. Those are twinkies!!!!

I love junk food. LOVE. And I really love bar food. One of the only days of the year I believe you get a free pass to eat both is the Superbowl!!!! (Or really any tailgating experience) Thank goodness we have the Olympics, World Cup and then Football again to get our guts extended past our pants. 
Here is my favorite cheese dip for your Superbowl party this weekend. We are not doing anything fancy..probably sitting in our living room rooting on Denver in a kiddie pool of cheese dip. I kid I kid. (not really)

Do you all think Peyton will retire if he wins? I'm a big Manning fan so either way I just want him to get another ring. 

For girls that don't watch Football here's a semi-accurate snapshot: Manning was with the Colts, missed the entire 2011 season, had four neck surgeries, signed with the Broncos in March 2012 and has killed it ever since. Wes Welker is also a Bronco but was a nasty dirty gross Patriot. John Fox is an ousted coach from the Panthers, and Jack Del Rio was a loser in Jacksonville. I hope each of these men leave Sunday with a huge win!!!!

My Dad, his buddy Denny, and Zeb.

Dr. Weaver was a fixture in Asheville. He was a dear friend to my Father and one of my favorite people to berate the Tar Heels with. He hosted a Christmas party at his home with his beautiful wife Dianne every Christmas Eve and I would permanently sit myself by his infamous cheese dip.

Zeb passed away last year and will be sorely missed. He used to tell my father that his duck gumbo "tastes like a bunch of eraser!" just go get his goat and wrote one of my recommendation letters for Chapel Hill. 

He was an incredibly accomplished doctor, "Dr. Weaver had received the Alpha Omega Medical Society Award, the Roche Award, the Mosby Award and the Army Commendation Medal. He published papers in the fields of Hematology and Oncology and served as an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, Chapel Hill and served as a Director with the Institutional Review Board of the Charles George VA Medical Center."

Christmas Eve 2010, Gaines and Zeb
I think part of the reason I adore my parents' friends so much is that since my older brother didn't grow up in the house with me I felt like my parents friends were my friends. Whenever my parents entertained I would spend the cocktail hour with them in the kitchen catching up and listening to their stories. That, and my parents seem to have some pretty hilarious and amazing friends.

Zeb's Dip:
1 package of Velveeta
1 jar of salsa
1 package of Jimmy Dean Sausage
1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup

Grab a skillet. Brown the Sausage. Cut up the Velveeta into smaller chunks, toss on in. Wait until cheese is all melty and gooey and add the cream of mushroom. Dump in the salsa.


You need to serve in a crock-pot or chafing dish or warming tray since the Velveeta gets all gooey. Why didn't us southern girls register for Chafing Dishes? I had to borrow my friend EA's but you can bet I'm asking for one for my birthday. Because that is what every exhausted, hair falling out, wine-o, soon to be 34 year old working mother wants...a fucking Chafing dish.


Oh, and just a refresher....

 My favorite Football player....

Least favorite

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