Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Sky (my hair) is Falling.....

I've blogged about all my crazy hair color choices over the past two years but this is just downright scary. 

I don't shower everyday unless I've been working out and I only got back to the gym in the new year. Around Christmas I noticed when I washed my hair the strands would just come out. Not huge chunks but lots and lots of hair in my hands and down my leg as I rinsed out my conditioner. And I won't even go into what came off on my brush. The most similar experience I can relate this to is when I stopped breastfeeding. I lost a TON of hair. 

I used to have a pretty thick ponytail..I would say if I took my hand around it my thumb would only reach the beginning of the fingernail of my index finger. (Scientific measuring right there).

This chick has thin hair and still looks pretty good right? (she also weighs probably 50 pounds less than me)

Why is this happening? I also have really horrible acne and the Dermatologist said that is from being off the pill. I know hormones can do really mean things but this is absurd. 

From WebMD....."There are a wide range of conditions that can bring on hair loss, with some of the most common being pregnancy, thyroid disorders, and anemia. Others include autoimmune diseases, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and skin conditions such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, Rogers says."

Hmmmm.......WebMD suggests PCOS which would make sense since it seems I'm not as fertile this go round as lets say...a Downton lady? Anyone have any experience with PCOS? Clomid? (Feel free to email me if you don't want to post in comments)

Product advice?

Here is what I am trying to do to slow down this disaster:
1. Bought this stuff at Sally Beauty Supply. That store is way over my head.
2. I already take a prenatal and fish oil.
3. M bought me a wet brush. Then he looked at me and said...you shouldn't have that much hair in the wet brush. Thanks M, thanks a lot.

Pretty in Pink Megan (who has probably the best hair in the entire blogger world) suggests these pills. I might consider giving these guys a try if PCOS is not the reason.

Have any of you experienced hair loss? I can cover up the acne with makeup, and weight gain with dark clothes...but hair loss is $*^#%* scary because I am not aware of any tricks to make this limp said hair look fuller. The best my hair has looked in months is after visiting Jacquelyn and I can't exactly ask her to do my hair everyday.



  1. I've had full, curly hair for most of my life, so learning tricks to increase volume were never a concern. After I had my daughter, large amounts fell out and never returned. I had enough hair for two people, so I didn't worry much about that part. But it also lost its luster and became very dry. Hormones are awful things.

  2. I struggled with PCOS/infertility/hair loss. Mine really thinned out (and I have thin hair to begin with). It's all back to normal now, but worth checking into with your doctor, especially if you're noticing it with fertility issues. Email me if you want more details, but definitely talk to your doctor. Also, I have a friend who's a hairdresser and she says hair goes through phases too. Hang in there!

  3. I have PCOS and the hair loss and acne comes and goes. So annoying. I have crazy thick hair so the phases of hair loss haven't been too much of an issue . It seems to be better when I'm eating better and just taking better care of myself.
    After over a year of trying to get pregnant, I realized I wasn't ovulating and was diagnosed with PCOS. I was given Metformin for a couple of months, then Provera to start my period, then Clomid. Worked the first round! Good luck, Mama!

  4. I had the same problem. You may want to check the side effects of your medications. After consulting with a specialist, the culprit was my prescription migraine medicine. In the meantime, my doctor had me using Rogaine for women and taking Centrum Silver for women vitamins. Luckily, the hair loss stopped when I quit taking the RX!

  5. I cant believe you just posted about this, I am losing my hair too. Its freaking me out! heading to the doctor this week!

  6. Hi, I saw your post and quoted you, I am sufferiing from this right now and would like to share my challenge and results. Hopefully we will get better soon, seeing your own hair fall out is soooo depressing!!!

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