Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boy Clothes and Consignment Sales

Soccer Pants at the Park...

When Natalie posted about her son being obsessed with is Batman shirts I thought he is too stinkin cute so the shirts are fine!. And then our friend here in Charlotte said her son was obsessed with Thomas the Train shirts, and I figured he was also adorable so it's no big deal right?
His blue Soccer Pants trying on shoes purchased for $2 at the consignment sale.

WRONG. We are KNEE DEEP FOLKS. It may be cute on other kids but when it is your kid it is DRAMA. All my son wants to wear is "Soccer Pants". It all started with his love for his Soccer Shots Coach....Coach Steve. I found a pair of Adidas Soccer Pants at Kid to Kid for $1 so I thought no harm, no foul....he can wear these to soccer practice. Well I was wrong! It is the FIRST thing he says when he wakes up and the first thing he says when he gets home from daycare. He sobs when I tell him no and recovers shortly afterwards but good grief!!!


I have convinced him (for the time being) that we cannot wear those to school but that he can put them on as soon as he gets home. So that is the only way I can put him in normal pants. 

Soccer Pants on a Scooter. 

And yes....we are also now victim to character shirts. While at Kid to Kid there was a CARS shirt that he had to have. Again, it was $1 so I try to only break it out on rare occasions. Am I a mean mother because I want my son to look cute? Maybe. But soon I won't be able to have any control over what he wears so I'm living it up while I can. And for the record he wore a batman shirt to daycare today!

Goodies from the Y sale. That Kitchen was $15 and included 2 huge Ziplocs of food!
I went to the YMCA sale last week and I have to say that as boys get older the selection at consignment sales gets slimmer. This probably has to do with the fact that we aren't putting him in smocked clothes or jon-jons anymore (sooo sad). I mainly look for good shorts, polos and any Boden or Crewcuts I can find. 

Here is the loot I snagged. I go a little bonkers and just grab as I go. I also volunteer which means I shop early. Honestly I tihnk if you don't do that you will miss out on a lot of the good stuff.

My favorite sale is open to the public today. It is held at the home of Wallace Barnes and let me tell you the clothes are incredible. I can't get out of work today and my husband laughed at the idea of me sending him but it is truly one of the best in Charlotte. I'm bummed to miss it but maybe I can sneak by later today.

Since I didn't exactly score all the cute stuff I like to get for my little guy here are some items I would order to finish off his spring/summer wardrobe.

Vineyard Vines Boys Channel Stripe Jersey Polo $39.50

Vineyard Vines Boys Stanley Gingham Whale Shirt $39.50

(to wear with his dang soccer pants)

Love this whole outfit. 

Bravo Carter's!

Have you Charlotte girls been to H and M yet? I'm dying to get over there. I don't love the slim fit b/c it fits weird over his tennis shoes but he is a skinny kid so they fit him better everywhere else.

And last but not least...Babiators! $19.99

What else does my little guy need before he turns 3?!

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  1. Our big area sale is starting tomorrow! Seeing your loot just made me excited to shop!