Friday, March 7, 2014

Asheville's Screen Door

My epic Asheville post has been postponed due to a few technical glitches with the pictures I want to use. So instead I thought I would share one of my favorite shopping spots!

Screen Door has been one of my all time favorites as far as Antique shopping in Asheville. You need at least an hour in this store as each booth is overflowing with goodies as small as a brass ram hook to a giant oversized North Carolina Map. Go visit them if you are making the trip! 115 Fairview Road right before you get into Biltmore Village off Sweeten Creek Road and near the I-40 exit.

Here are some of the things I saw with my Mom last week:

Guy on the right says: YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Sorry, had to. They have tons of great stuff for your yard. Fantastic tables, benches, and other crazy yard-art.

 This coffee table was gorgeous but not toddler-appropriate.

 I love old grates

 A pair of brass planters. These came home with me!

 I know a few little boys that would love this plane!

 Nude Painting, don't love the subject but a gorgeous piece of art.

 Another grate but this time used as a wall shelf. How cute would this be with kids books??

 I saw this and assumed it was over $100...they called me back after we had left and it was $47. BOUGHT! My husband was born in Rio so I can't wait to figure out where to hang this!

 Love the screen and the bamboo chairs

 My iPhone does not do this rug justice. Stunning!!!

 Option to cover up the fireplace in the summer?

 Sent this to my buddy Reid. I know they are borderline Cracker Barrel nostalgia but I love old Coke signs.

 Sent this to my buddy Charlie. Aren't the Foy's from Johnston county? Hmmmm

 It may be the way the trees are framing this flag but I swear this looked like Rockbrook Camp and the flag on the hill!! Anyone else? Almost purchased it!

 Really Really wanted this rug for my TV Room. Showstopper.

 Fun silly signs for a boy's room.

Back at it with the Coke signs. My Uncle used to work for Coke and now my cousin does...I'm a big supporter of their products. I even know where to find Tab. 

I would have loved to get this and hang above my desk at home.

 Love the lines on this dresser/chest. On the hunt for one for F's big boy room.

 Great assortment of vintage tablecloths!

 These Wall Screens with antique mirrors were absolutely stunning.

 This would make a great outdoor cooler!

 Kicking myself for not purchasing this map.

 Sucker for anything Crawfish. Should have snagged this guy!

Thanks for shopping along with me! And if you happen to go by go ahead and have that NC Map wrapped up for my birthday! Thanks! (wink, wink)



  1. Oooh, next time I am visiting my in-laws, I am going to have to sneak out and hit this up! My kind of place.

  2. Thanks for the info! JUst moved to Charlotte and want to take a visit to Ashville. Any hotels you would recommend? Thanks!