Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Peanut!

No more posing for pictures with this big guy!

I could never imagine what being your mother would teach me. You are the brightest light in my life. You are my constant reminder that things are okay. You are my toughest competitor. 

You love all sports at this point but still talk about your Soccer Shots Coach and your outfit of choice is soccer pants and a football jersey. (still) 
You shocked both of your parents when you took the hand of your swim teacher at Charlotte Aquatics and got right in the pool.

I think unfortunately you have inherited the Braselman genes which means you will not be Tyler Hansbrough but maybe we can aim for Lionel Messi.
Your Great Grandmother Katharine Ford Braselman

You are so smart and love books and hugs and eskimo kisses. You "read" to me now at night and then request all your favorite songs, Twinkle Twinkle, Day is Done, Mary...all the good drunk Boylan classics.

You adore your big brother Koko and just told us he is your best friend. 

You are surrounded by tons of amazing friends and............

 have one of the HANDS DOWN craziest group of family members a kid could ask for.

The 2's and 3's have rumors about them that are somewhat true.....but I know we can battle them together. Your reasoning gets me everyday and I hope you never ever stop wanting to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy.

You never cease to amaze or challenge me but that is the most wonderful gift of being a parent.
I love you so much peanut,

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