Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Window Shopping Wednesday-Easter Dresses

Easter 2013. Seersucker suit because it was FREEZING. And a watering can duck because he said so.

With my Mom being in town the past two weeks we did a lot of window shopping and man it has me wishing for warmer weather. (And tanner skinnier legs). 
Easter 2012...a gorgeous WARM Easter in Asheville with yard lounging and rose drinking...

I realized Easter is less than a month away and I need to get on it! Easter Dresses were always a big deal around my house as a kid. My Aunt would send me a gorgeous frock from France or England (she had four boys and was desperate to get somebody all dolled up) and let me tell you...these dresses were out of this world!

I cannot find this on the Vineyard Vines site. Help!

My one rule about an Easter Dress is it must be light colors! NO BLACK on Easter! And really no RED. Yuck. Easter is a celebration and also the first time you are officially allowed to bust out your linen/seersucker/straw. (Unless you live in Florida)

Here are some beautiful options for Easter this year! Let's hope it isn't abysmally cold like last year! (I'm talking to you Asheville)

A few notes: I love Lilly, but this year has underwhelmed me. I love this dress but up close it looks like little daisies (hate daisies on clothes). Also what the hell is up with her hair? Walk of Shame comb-over? I want a huge fucking smile on this chick and some cute earrings.

Another Lilly Tip-Do NOT try on the Robyn dress by Lilly this year. It is TERRIBLE! And smile, this is Lilly for Shit's sake!

This is by far the darkest dress I will post but I just adore the pattern and the cut. I probably wouldn't wear to an Easter Church Service but I couldn't leave it out because it is gorgeous.

AH, Easter Favorite!

Lindsey Carter of Troubador was a Pi Phi at UNC Ladies...Boom Boom!
The sleeveless version is perfection also. Can't find a good picture. PS-I HATE White shoes.
Perfect Spring Dress, just add a fun necklace!

See, the Vineyard Vines girl is smiling!

Sometimes I want to "slip into something more comfortable" if my Easter dress is not booze proof so here are a few options for after Church.

What are you going to wear for Easter?


  1. Good call on the booze appropriate clothing switch. Last year, SS dumped a bowl of grand marnier soaked berries on my (only) Carolina blue linen dress. RUINED. Eating more of those berries helped soften the blow. I love that Kate Spade dress.

  2. That Anthro dress is my absolute FAVE. I don't know what I'll wear yet, but I did just order a sweet little white, eyelet dress for my baby girl :)

  3. Love the Kate Spade dresses. I can't fit into anything properly yet, since I'm all post-partum lumpy. To top that off, the baby who will be 2.5 months, is now getting baptized Easter Sunday so I have to stand in front of the church. What was I thinking?

    Hopefully Knoxville will be warmish, since everyone is coming over from Charlotte and Asheville this year. Where else in Asheville besides Monkees has cute stuff that is not all patchouli-ish?

  4. These are great picks!!!! About being underwhelmed w/ Lilly.... I heard that they've been outsourcing or something for fabrics... and you can totally see this w/ some of the newer prints... not really that authentic Lilly look that I remember from growing up... although they do have some of that now.. but they also have some lower quality stuff that seems.. i don't know... beneath Lilly?