Friday, March 21, 2014

Queen City Friends-You are Royalty

Last Friday's Boozy Birthday Lunch (not my baby, that is Baby Mac!)

First I want to thank all of you that came to Roosters on Friday to booze it up with my family and celebrate my birthday. I could not believe the turnout and had such a wonderful time with all of you.

When Max and I moved to Charlotte in 2006 we really didn't know anybody. I had one college friend (that I knew of) here and we were just getting our bearings in a city that I only really knew from driving to the mall for prom dresses, Carowinds, and coming for Lilith Fair in the 90's.

We spent most of our first year getting settled into our house and planning our Wedding in the May of 2007. After we got married Facebook had become available to non-College kids so I joined and instantly realized how many people I knew in town.

I apologize for this sounding like an Oscar speech but here it goes. And if I forgot you tell me immediately. Its been a hell of a week!

I have to thank whoever put the book club together, I think Liz Breyer gave me my invitation, but the girls I met at that first book club have become my best friends in town. And just like six degrees of separation it just kept growing. My friend EA told me Katie Norman was moving back (who hosted first book club), I helped throw her a shower with Anna Brody. Abbie Z introduced me to Amy-Caty-Melissa-Kristie-Martha Delle-and all those crazy NC State girls. EA introduced me to Adelaide and Mary Katherine who introduced me to Jacquelyn.  Margaret introduced me to Margaret Jane. Sarah-Janet-EA-Margaret Jane-Margaret formed our playgroup. Margaret T, Martine, Sarah and EA started our supper club. The younger Pi Phis (Katie G & Walker) have become close friends as well as their close friends-that's you Stephanie King! I have the most amazing neighbors, I have met blogger friends and my son has the greatest friends who have even greater parents at daycare. I truly don't know how we got to be so lucky. And this is just in Charlotte!

 I am sometimes shy (shocker) and don't reach out to them as much as I want to, or think about, but these girls are my saving grace. You know who you are book club turned wine club turned supper club turned working moms play group turned we see each other at birthday parties club. 

They take my son when we have nobody else to help, they bring me food, send me thoughtful texts, come to parties, etc. Come do the ALZ walk with me, donate to ALZ...the list goes on and on and on. I knew some of them in College but they have truly become some of the closest women in my life and I am so incredibly grateful. Plus, they all married some pretty amazing guys that I am proud to call my friends too.

And just like the ole Rockbrook Camp song, "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. I want to thank my gold friends in my life. Abby Jones you were my closest friend in College that has moved to Charlotte and I love you and Mike so very much. You are still one of the few people I let in and break down sobbing for. Don't you feel special? I probably owe you a therapist fee. And Abbie Zollinger, I know your husband was my friend before you but I feel like we have known each other for ages. 

So my birthday (albeit crazy with planning my son's party and curtailing my mother's hilarity at dinner) was one of my best. My cup runneth over with people I call my best friends here in town. I love you all so very much.


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