Wednesday, March 5, 2014

That Escalated Quickly (Medical TMI in this post if you want to skip)

Love these two so much.

This post is mainly for my family and friends but feel free to read if you are curious on what I wore to the Oscars.

So I got sick. Again. And yes.......
1. I pee after sex (unless I'm trying to get knocked up, which I am)
2.  I wipe front to back. (Did the Dr really feel it necessary to tell me that?)
3. Went to the Dr. at the FIRST signs of a UTI.

But I still ended up in the ICU with Sepsis. 

I detailed the timeline in the last post but by the time I got on Macrobid Antibiotics on Friday afternoon the infection was already in my bladder/kidneys. Macrobid does not fight the infection there. By Saturday afternoon I had a fever and hurt all over and the Dr. I had paged sent me to the ER. (ER was ROCKING!)

I have to give a major shout-out to all the nurses and Dr's I had at Carolinas Medical Center-Main. They were all so attentive and nice (and attractive) and made me feel secure when I was there alone. Plus, the ER on a Saturday night during a basketball tournament is PRICELESS. I've never seen so much crazy except maybe a Grey's Anatomy episode.

M was there with me early on and they had already pumped me up with pain meds and tons of fluid when my blood pressure started to drop. Machines sounding alarms aren't exactly what we had in mind for our date night. It went down to 80/42 and pretty much stayed in the 80's until midnight. 

Because at this point I had had 5 bags of fluid the Dr said I needed to go to the ICU because my body was having a systemic inflammatory response to the infection (SEPSIS). 

Bad timing of course because M had already left to go home to relieve the babysitter and I was in tears. 
Sunday morning....Hooray Blood Pressure up! (Boo heart rate)
Long story short....(too late)......3 IV's, 4 more bags of fluid, 2 magnesium drips (FUCKING OUCH), 3 bags of Rocephin, and 2 Lovenox shots in the stomach, lots of blood drawn and I got to go home Monday morning. They kept me a bit longer because I was tachycardiac (heart rate too high).

Oh, and here is what I wore to the Oscar's....
Anti slip/don't want your feet to be cold and touch the hospital floor gripper socks in Carolina Blue. c/o CMC. BAHAHA, just kidding, these are probably $55 on my hospital bill. Like the $92 Tylenol. 

Sexy too large hospital gown, c/o of CMC. Again..I'm sure I got charged for this. It was a little open in the back as M pointed out when I tried to go to the bathroom down the hall in the ER, so he tied another gown on (way to go honey $$$) as a cape so I wouldn't have a Something's Gotta Give moment...

While it should have seemed nice that I got to lay in bed and watch the Oscar's in peace and quiet I also had to get blood drawn, shots in the gut, lay on a very uncomfortable bed and be generally miserable. But my two best dressed are..

Love all of it. 

I'm sending this pic to my boss.
I am the only person that knows how to do a report on my team (will fix that) so I worked Sunday night too. Yep, WORKED. 10 pats on the back and 20 toots on my horn right there.

So Ladies, we are screwed because our anatomy makes UTI's very easy for us to get. The only tips I have are to drink a glass or two of cranberry juice everyday and be vigilant about your health. I requested the urine sample last Wednesday and had to call and harass to get my results. Let's hope they flag my file with DANGER in the future. I'm headed to a Nephrologist soon.

The silver lining of all this is that 1. they found a small kidney stone so at least I am aware that is there and 2. This better up the spending levels for my upcoming birthday. Pity party for the win!!

And Ellen DeGeneres sent me Pizza! is from my awesome friends the McMillans but still winning!

I want to thank you all for your texts/calls/Instagram and Facebook comments. I overshare but that is who I am. I am going to stop apologizing for it because I shouldn't have to. Have you ever been alone in the hospital for 2 days?  And oversharing brought me four amazing visitors who I  love so much. You have no idea how much it meant that you all came to visit me and you could have brought me kale and I would still love the hell out of you. A huge thank you also to our friends that offered to help with my son. Sometimes we are too shy to flat out ask for help so by posting on social media it lets you know we need your help and the offers came rolling in. Your help with F let M come visit me for a little bit and gave him some relief. I truly don't know what we would do without all of you and I cannot mean it more when I say you are our family here in Charlotte and we love you so much.


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  1. I get these as well, and finally convinced my Doc to write a standing prescription for an antibiotic. This is GREAT because instead of following the very embarrassing label directions "TAKE 1 ORALLY AFTER INTERCOURSE", I tend to only take them sporadically so I can hoard them for other things - like tooth infections and the like. Also, I probably have way less sex than my Doctor estimates, so win-win for everyone but my husband.