Thursday, March 6, 2014

Birthdays as an Adult

Dream Birthday Scene. Add a liquor bar, 50 bottles of wine, some balloons and more twinkle lights. Perfection.

When we first moved to Charlotte a Birthday tradition was born. My parents, best friend (and her then boyfriend) would come into town and we would head to Roosters to watch UNC win all the games of the ACC tournament. A boisterous crazy lunch was followed with naps at the house and then dinner cooked by the dueling Chef combination of my husband and father.

Since having kids my birthday has taken a sort of backseat to my insane plans for my son's birthday which is 11 days later. Typically we just have a few friends over and cook dinner. 
Dinner parties are my absolute favorite because 1. I don't have to drive 2. I love entertaining, and 3. I love being home. 

This year we are throwing a combo birthday party with 3 of my son's buddies and it happens to fall the day after my birthday. And truth be told a huge epic dinner party is still tricky with kids because I'm not sure there are noise makers loud enough to drown out my ridiculously loud voice or my singing with my father...which would wake the toddler and thus ending said party. It is also hard to ask all my friends who now have more than one kiddo to get sitters and come over just to selfishly eat cake with me.

(A ridiculously fun group and dinner filled with laughter and shenanigans)

Since I just haven't been feeling 100%, a dinner out at a restaurant seems appealing. Should I schedule a fun dinner Thursday night or ask whoever wants to to come to Roosters Friday for lunch? (I took my actual birthday off) 

Backyard dinner? March? YEAH RIGHT!
Or do beg my Dad to make Red Beans and Rice and invite friends and kids over? (We would need a bigger house!)

One thing is for sure. I want Doberge Cake from Gambino's. It isn't cheap but it the absolute BEST birthday cake in the world. Up to $89.50 these days but I promise it is worth every single penny. Dad, you ordering this?!

See? 1982, Andrew Jackson Condominiums where my Grandmother was living at the time.

 I also want the signature drink to be my often-frowned-upon Bourbon and Diet Coke. Jim Beam folks. Klassy. And served out of these FANTASTIC cups by Lionheart Prints. I don't know her but her Instagram feed is one of my favorites and I love everything in her Etsy store.

So Friends in Charlotte...let's take a vote. Dinner Thursday or Lunch Friday? And check back later for DOUBLE POST THURSDAY! OH YEAH! (Did anyone else read that in Despicable Me voice??)
I'm going to list my gift ideas since somebody (cough cough) has admitted they are clueless.
Aging K

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