Thursday, May 8, 2014

Baby #2 On the Way!!

 We are expecting a new member to our family November 14th and could not be happier! 

I told F Tuesday night and he just kept saying, there is a baby in your belly? He really didn't say much after that and went to bed.
Wednesday night before swim class he said he wanted to check on the baby and lifted up my shirt, put his ear to my stomach and then gave it a kiss. I melted into a puddle of emotional goo. I was so worried about him thinking it wouldn't be just us anymore or that he would feel neglected but he is so excited about a new one joining the family. I was also scared to death that my stepson wouldn't be excited but he is one of the sweetest boys around and he is thrilled! Why do I worry about these things!? (Answer: I'm off my zoloft).

Getting Pregnant 
(TMI to any male readers)
This time proved to be a tad more difficult than last. We started trying in July and had no luck and stopped for October/November so I wouldn't be due for our family vacation. Sounds dumb looking back on it but we take one trip a year and I didn't want to ruin it for the entire family.

Three months with no luck isn't really a big deal, but 3 months with sporadic periods is a huge pain. Then I didn't even get one in November and December was way off so the Dr suggested Clomid. I chickened out in January because of the twin risk. Twins as your first children would be fantastic, twins when you have a toddler would still be wonderful but a total game changer financially. In January we did everything perfectly according to the ovulation kits and still nothing so I decided to give Clomid a try. The kicker was my husband had his custody weekend the exact weekend I would be ovulating so what did I do? I packed my bags and flew to Orlando. 
Yep. Disney World is Magical. 

ICU Trip?
March 1st I ended up in the ICU and told them there was a chance I was pregnant. When the ER doc said it was negative I sobbed. Looking back it was obviously too early to tell but I figured they would be able to know so I kind of gave up hope. Ten days later I had a positive pregnancy test! So if you saw me at my birthday drinking wine...yes I knew then but it was so early and I didn't want to blow my cover. Not drinking Katharine = DEAD giveaway.
After the ICU I had to go see several Dr's, one being a kidney specialist. He was pretty alarmed at my medical history and said he considered me to be high risk. (My OB disagrees). But his point was that if I get a Kidney infection while pregnant it would be a really bad situation overall so I am taking an antibiotic for the remainder of my pregnancy to keep me in the clear. (hopefully)

Let's state first that I'm off my zoloft. I'll do a detailed post on that because I think most people don't understand that OCD isn't some cute title for girls that like Sharpies, it is a disease. So as soon as I found out I was pregnant I began worrying if it was twins. I was starting to show really quickly and if you google "clomid twins" it can really send you down a rabbit hole. I almost passed out in the Ultrasound room waiting to find out. My husband? He was like, don't worry, if it is twins we will deal with it. Me? In my mind I was pricing out minivans, college, weddings, and a contraption to push my stomach around seeing as how I was huge with just one in there. 
Verdict: Not twins. I asked her to triple check and that I didn't mind being jack hammered by an up-the-hoochie ultrasound device to make sure. She was sure and it is just 1! I cried big fat relieved happy tears. Twins would have been wonderful and I would have been okay after the initial shock. But I am relieved I only have one little peanut in there.

How is it going so far?
I feel good, just really really really freaking tired. My nurse described it perfectly when she said "drugged tired". Once I'm up in the morning I'm okay but come 3:00 and I've hit a wall. That is usually my caffeine run. M would prefer it if I didn't drink any soft drinks, and I would prefer it if he didn't have any opinions at all about me carrying a baby. So I've had one soft drink in the am, and one starbucks chai in the afternoon. That is the only thing to get me through the 5-8pm kiddo routine and then collapse on the couch useless until bedtime. 

I'm not eating that healthy but that is b/c all I want is carbs and cheese. (Same as 1st pregnancy). I try to eat some fruit and veggies but it is just hard when being pregnant makes you eat like at toddler. I have recruited Carolyn from the Whole Tulip to help me incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet and I'm super excited to see how it all works out! I am starting with her morning shakes next week and will be posting to let you know how it goes!
I started off heavier than I wanted this time and have already put on about 6 pounds. I think once I get my energy back and begin walking/exercising I can slow the weight gain. I would love love love to do Pure Barre until the fall but it is just so damn expensive. I might bite the bullet though and do 1 month of Core Barre through their new client deal and then go back to Pure Barre for 2 months. Exercise is really the best mood changer and I know it would be so good for me.

I will try to do an update once in awhile to let you know how things are. I won't do weekly bump pics because 1. I'm already huge and 2. It would be a waste of make-up. Maybe I'll do Maternity Monday posts where I ask lots of questions like....HOLY SHIT THERE IS SO MUCH NEW BABY GEAR ON THE MARKET. Or WHO ARE ALL THESE BITCHES THAT NEVER HAVE TO BUY MATERNITY CLOTHES? I think those will be bestsellers. 

Bottom line is we are thrilled. It is much different than my first pregnancy of rainbows and curtain fabrics and paint colors and rolling around the floor of pottery barn baby in awe of all the cuteness. It is more real this time with a wild toddler, timing sex to a smiling ovulation stick, and the fear of being a beached whale at Pawleys Island......but it is still a miracle and I cannot wait for the moment where our two boys can hold their new baby sister or baby brother.

Gender Discovery Date: June 11th. 
My prediction-girl. 
Why? Because they scare the shit out of me.

Stay Puft K


  1. Congratulations! And just a piece of advice from an internet stranger: do NOT let anyone criticize your pregnancy habits. A glass of wine? Not a big deal, and was actually blessed by my OBGYN for the last trimester. Until I told friends, I dragged a wine bottle of apple juice to parties. AND, I found out I was pregnant just before a trip to Europe, and I indulged in one beer in Munich and a glass of wine in Italy, so there, judgers on the internet. Both my kids turned out just fine. I really wish I could find the picture of me at 6 weeks on the dining room table in a bouncy seat next to a heaping full ashtray, barely visible through the cloud of smoke emanating from my smiling Mom and Grandma.

  2. This is so exciting! Congratulations! It is so hard to explain that pregnancy exhaustion. I mean, when you think about it you should be exhausted, you know growing a life and all. But I felt like I could have slept for days. I have never felt a sleepiness like that other than when I was pregnant.

  3. I loved this post!! haha and good luck exercising I had good intentions to work out everyday with Frances but never did- even a damn walk exhausted me. So happy for you and if its a girl it be wonderful!! and oh the cheese and carbs isnt that what every pregnant woman eats? I did along with mcdonalds and krispy kreme. Get ready fr a wild ride that will fly by in the blink of an eye!

  4. CONGRATS!! That is exciting news.