Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Backyard Parties

We have a kid-friendly Backyard BBQ coming up and as much as I get the itch to go over the top and plan plan plan...I just don't have the energy. So here is what I dream of doing when in reality I'll toss out some blankets and bubbles and call it a day. (Please tell me your energy comes back soon! I don't remember being this tired the first time. Yes I know having a crazy three year old is also to blame but damn.)

So you're asking.....then why throw a party? Because I love to entertain. And I love parties. And we have NO Weddings on the calendar and not many birthday parties either. I also miss my friends and when you have kids the easiest way to see them is to invite everyone!

via Lancaster Lane

An Outdoor Movie Party is definitely on my list once the kids are older

I miss alcohol.

For a Goonies Movie party...Brilliant!

My attire

Anyone have a good recipe for this?

Also, I need a Canoe.

Damn I love Banana Pudding. 

I see you liquor bottles....

My next house will have an outdoor area like this. (With a huge obnoxious plasma for Football above the fireplace) Come on. Art? SMH.

All pictures via Pinterest (Which sucks for the owner's of the pictures)

Happy Summer Entertaining!


  1. Yes, love these inspiration photos- I think pinterest and pregnancy go especially well together- I can inspiration board the crap out of anything these days lol!
    Now the buying/making a freaking decision on anything...not so fun.
    But yes, the first trimester I was in a complete fog- until about week 14/15. Then I felt like my old self... now i'm slowly wading back into it at week 26.
    And I also crave every alcoholic beverage I lay eyes on.
    Have fun at your BBQ!! and get one of those obnoxious hand held fans so you can stay cool :)

  2. Amen sister. I went to bed at 8pm just about every night until 19-20 weeks with #2.
    Go for the s'mor bar and have people come up with the best s'more creations.
    Fun and easy. You'll have a blast!

  3. I'm 17 week pregnant with my second and I'm always exhausted!! If I'm not asleep by 9:30pm I'm a zombie the next day.
    Also I love every single picture you posted- I always have high hopes of throwing a Pinterest worthy party but usually just end up doing the basics- aslong as everyone has fun, I don't care.

  4. I highly recommend this recipe for black bean & corn salsa. I always use more lime juice & cilantro than they call for though. Enjoy!

  5. This one is also good: