Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Favorites from Hunter's Alley

Framed 1958 Four Roses Society $64

Have you heard about Hunter's Alley? 
It's the young hip sister of One King's Lane. I directed most of my shopping emails to but every now and then when there is nothing on TV I'll go troll a website or two. 

Hunter's Alley has picks from all price points and tons of great items. I feel like I'm walking through the Tobacco Barn or Sleepy Poet but right from my couch.

Here are the items I have in my cart.....but be get a warning..."Better hurry, this is in 9 other hunter's carts!". So think of it as Hunger Games but for Chinoiserie.


For my mother-in-law. She married a Swiss (so did I!) and always uses their traditional linens in her kitchen. 

You can't have enough pitchers. Example: Christmas. You need pitchers for OJ, Water, Simple Syrup, Bloody Mary Mix...the list goes on.

Our last name in German means Fox. Yep, we were before the trend folks. Now move onto something porcupines. Let's make that the next big thing.

I adore cheeky signs/cards/pillows

Still in shock I got this exact same item (Brazil instead of U.S.) for $45 in Asheville. Would love to have a 2nd and hang above headboards. 

This is for the BBF Team. You know who you are.

I would order this as a gift for my friend Sarah! She loves Babar and this would be a wonderful present. Go visit her site over on OKL. 

Swiss things again...

Blue and White Obsession. I found one of these at Goodwill for $5. A knock-off I'm sure but still on the hunt!

For my travel loving Sagittarius husband.

My cousin is a flight attendant on Swiss Air and these would be so cool in her apartment in Aarau!

Obsession continues.

This guy is silly but I love him. They show a candle on top of his head in the pictures but does anyone else get paranoid your house will catch on fire? Maybe a tealight or flowers? Or maybe beside my bed and he can hold my pills. HA!

I've been on the hunt for one of these but galvanized. I know Pottery Barn has one but if you are anti-PB like Phoebe in Friends you could get this one.

There are multiple prints like this available. Would be great in a kids room!

Happy Hunting!

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