Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Maternity Shopping

Before reading this post and rolling your eyes saying what a Fraggle....... remember:

1. I have never declared that I am stylish. I am somewhat an average chick when it comes to my wardrobe. It is pretty obvious I am more like Jennifer Garner...(huge fan of)

than Kristin Cavallari. (Who I am not a big fan of.....)

I have some pretty things for special occasions but when you work from home your closet turns into frumpy comfy clothes. And when you are pregnant and working from home your closet turns into Glad Garbage Bags.

2. I refuse to spend a lot of money on Maternity clothes. Which brings me to...

3. YES, I HAVE to wear Maternity clothes. My tiny summer dresses and short shorts aren't working with Godzilla baby. (except for the rare few)

So here are some items that have been on rotation these past few warm days. I would love a few more maxi's and sleeveless tops as I fear its going to be a hot one this year and my previous maternity clothes were all jeans and sweater dresses.

First up are a few shocking non-maternity items that still currently fit. 

I have the stripe from last year and snagged the nautical print at the Endless Summer Lilly Sale. Tempted to get a third because they are SO COMFY!

Lilly Pulitzer Clare (Not offered currently)
If you have one of these and are thinking of selling let me know! I'm stalking a few on ebay but they have plenty of room for a bump and comfy!

I have the blue one from last summer and it is quite boxy so not exactly flattering but plenty of space for Taco Bell + Baby

And onto the Bump Specific Clothes....

I found a pair similar to these but pretty sure they will be getting a lot of use soon. Anyone have a brand they prefer?

Old Navy Maxi Dress - Sold Out
Very similar to the Sloane but thinner material. And what in the hell is up Old Navy? Do you stock 5 of each and then run out? I know Old Navy is not a fashion mecca but its cheap, it works, and it isn't hideous. 

Don't judge me. These are not sexy or trendy but fit perfectly and the mint is great. I went back and got tan to deal with the sweltering summer that might be on the books. 

I'm worried I will scare the children at the pool this weekend sporting this awesomeness. My husband has a strict no belly in public rule. In fact, he honestly admitted he doesn't love the pregnant woman's body. THAT went over well.

And things I still need/want....

I think I need a few of these for the summer. I am trying to walk everyday to keep the weight gain down and the happy moods up!

This is hanging out in my cart. Kind of want it!

Love of stripes continues. Almost $100 more than Old Navy dress.....

Cute for summer, but $56 for a tank?

Thanks Julia for this recommendation! I bet it would be perfect. It is hanging out in my cart and I should just pull the trigger.

Asos is new to me. What is the verdict on their maternity stuff?

Gold earrings and sandals? Night out on the town? (BAHAHAHAHA) I'm the DD all summer. That is Designated Driver...not tits mcgehee.

Love this blue. (with a tan, highlights, and toned arms.) I am missing those three requirements to make this look good.

Same great blue. This has horrible reviews. Has anyone ever purchased any maternity clothes from the Loft?

The rest of the maternity stuff out there just annoys me. I really don't want to spend a ton of money on this last pregnancy. I can wear the same 4 maxi dresses and 2 pair of shorts all summer right??? A huge thank you to my friend Sarah in Nashville that gave me all of her hand me downs! If you have any maternity clothes you are looking to ditch contact me! 



  1. I have two colors of the old navy maternity eyelet dress. It is amazing! I highly encourage that purchase. You can throw a blazer or cardi on top and even be work appropriate if you have to.

  2. You have to get the black Nordstrom dress! I am LOVING this post, thank you thank you thank you. I have zero time to shop for work appropriate mat clothes and all of my stuff is mostly winter also since I had a March and May baby most recently...and Lord knows anything from 2003 is just EW. So thanks!! And damn Max for admitting that...last thing we want to hear!

  3. I really like the Secret Fit Belly Jersey Knit Maternity Leggings from A Pea in the Pod AND they're buy one get one 50% off. I will probably continue to wear them after Baby Girl McCann makes her debut in September :-)

    It's easy to dress them up or down depending on what top and shoes you wear.

  4. Hey there, I am sure you already know or have tried the Liz Lange Maternity at Target, if not it is worth a try. My goal was to spend the least amount possible and enjoy getting some new clothes after baby. A lot of the non-maternity maxi dresses were my go to. If I can find them, you are welcome to have them. I live in Pawleys. Hope you have a good vacation!

  5. Hi, BabyGap at Southpark has a maternity section where if you look around you can maybe find something not navy and nun-like depressing. They have some amazing jean shorts that they are now sold out of in my size, hope they will restock.
    I just ordered J.Crew maternity jean shorts on sale- hope they work. I have been living in their Minnie maternity pants (un-freaking-believable if you need a corporate trouser!) and Toothpick white jeans. Both not cheap, but for 6 months straight of wear, I feel they are justified.
    I also feel like my belly got huge fast! I am trying to swing maternity pants, Liz Lang tanks, and loose tops I already had.

    What about shoes?!?! I need a separate post about this. I am wearing Birkenstocks to work (LOL) because my feet already swelled out of my Tory Burch flats. I am afraid that flip flops will be my only option soon.
    This is my first pregnancy- how fat do your feet really get? Seriously this is the scariest thing about pregnancy to me!