Monday, May 19, 2014

To Mr. Southern Bourbon Mountains

Today is our 7th Wedding Anniversary. I love parties and I especially love Weddings and I honestly think that night will be one of our most fun evenings together for the rest of time. We rudely ignored the rule of saying hello to every guest and spent the entire night on the dancefloor together. I really don't think we left each other's side the entire evening.

I wanted to take a moment today to not jokingly tease you for those habits we both fall into and nag each other about....but instead thank you for the random things that you probably don't think mean a lot to me but make me love you more every day.

Nurse Max
When my father was recovering from his hip surgery you went to Asheville to help my mom care for him by changing bandages, running errands, you name it and you did it. And then when that sent him to the ICU with perforated diverticulitis and then sepsis you traded shifts with me at the hospital. I don't think you will ever know how much that meant to me. You also have seen me through not one but two pretty scary trips to the ICU myself which isn't exactly a walk in the park.

You support all my work with the Alzheimer's Association
I know it is annoying to every year go beg people to donate but you not only donate but help me recruit volunteers, walkers, donations...etc. You see the good and the bad and the ugly with this disease and you are always there to give me a hug or wipe a tear. I live in fear that I will inherit this disease and that is one of the reasons I volunteer so much time for ALZ as I do not ever want you to go through what my father is going through. 

Being a father. 
The smallest things mean so much to me when it comes to co-parenting. I firmly believe that men and women should share the work (if both work full time) and my favorite moments are when you and peanut are playing just the two of you. Whether it is a pick up soccer game, teaching him swiss and spanish, or letting him help you in the kitchen......those are the moments my heart bursts. I know toddlers aren't easy and you probably never thought you would have 3 kids one day, but I thank you for being the sporty bi-lingual father that you are.

Happy Anniversary MF
I love you,

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