Thursday, September 11, 2014

Find the Boobs-Breastfeeding in Winter

I had my son in March and while it was still a tad chilly I got by most days with wrap dresses for work and button down shirts. Just like this:

With a due date in November now I'm wondering how in the hell my daughter will get to her dairy farm if I'm wearing 10 layers. I'm asauming nursing tanks and cardigans? Please let me know your favorite nursing tanks! I wore the Target ones and probably need a refresher.

I love open cardigans because you can toss them over dresses, other sweaters, tanks, etc and instantly have a fall outfit. I have a black one from Banana that has holes in it from being worn too much. Last year I finally found a camel colored one at...shocker...Banana again. I really wanted the Lilly Pulitzer camel one but it was $200+ cashmere and my Banana one has been great.

I also have a navy Lilly one and a hot pink J.Crew one I scored at the Asheville bin sale for $5. So while I'm not lacking my goal would to be to add maybe 2 or 3 more for this fall. I'm assuming my uniform is going to be black leggings, nursing tank, cardigan. Right? See, here's me in 2 months; freshly showered, clear skin, skinny legs. HA.

And moms...what were your favorite leggings post baby? I think Natalie said Spanxx are the best and I'm going to need that extra suckage from this diastasis.
**One thing to remember, make sure there is enough material to cover in front. I bought one last year that just doesn't pull all the way closed. Nursing tanks don't exactly hold their shape and I want to be able to cover up...ya know what I mean?

Here are a few I've had my eye on:

My girl Nat over at East Coast Chic and I have the exact same taste. Same maternity clothes, same curtains, and she also has a post about awesome open cardigans. She posted this one and although it's #nospendseptember and I'm joining her in #ecn30dayclosetremix I might have to order this. Carolina blue for the win during football season!

A bit pricey but I have a maternity cardigan from them and they are so so so soft. 

Looks a tad cheap but could brighten up my morning after 3 hours of sleep and spit up in my hair right?

I've never owned Zella gear but it might make me feel like exercising? Or at least washing my pump parts.

Again, trying not to spend this month but this is a steal. And the pockets would be great for tissues, wipes, nipple shields...all that sexy stuff. I think I'd order a size up to allow enough coverage. 

This cardigan was posted on Pink Peonies 
so it sold out like hotcakes and while this whole tribal aztec thing isn't normally my go-to I love the pink accents and again..maybe it will wake me up.

Is this cute? Or too Chico's looking?

I haven't set foot in Target (part of a #nospendseptember goal) but if I had seen this it would already be in my closet. Hmmm....I am out of cereal. Oh the torture. 

Gorgeous but I'd be scared of spit-up on that much money. Lilly, your models are looking a tad cheesy these days. Not her, just the styling.

I ordered these two things already in August during a sale and they are both fantastic. Remember, I also work from home so all these tops and hopefully some leggings will be my uniform M-F once I start working again. You know, after my super long maternity leave. (Insert sarcasm)

This is GONE from their site! If they made this in more colors I would have bought a ton. It has thick construction and the flaps move to the side for boob slots. This top looks almost a tad dressy so you could pair with jeans and boots/flats and some earrings and not feel like a slug. I am SHOCKED it is gone. Total bummer. Glad I snagged 1. And now I sound so pathetic and desperate over a nursing top. 

And speaking of Nursing Tops, Gap has these
But FFF (For Fucks' sake) this model looks like the damn walking dead and has a super creepy smile. Maybe they were trying to be realistic as to what us nursing moms will look like with a newborn but fix that chicks hair and make her look appealing! DAMN. If I was a stylist for a catalog I would show The Today Show on in the background, Starbucks in her hand and her surfing Instagram on the couch. I'd buy that shit in a heartbeat.

So you winter baby Moms. Any tricks on easy boob access with layers? (This post is going to be read by more men then women. Especially if I add the labels and keywords boob access)

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