Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Report

2/3 sick in the house and Mama is a gimp.

I finally got my husband back but he is sick from his trip. And Ford came home last night and before bed had a fever of 103. He woke up at midnight with that barking cough and I went into major worry mode. I've had a Whooping Cough shot so I felt safe there but what about that scary Enterovirus that is all over the news? Max slept in bed with him with Vick's all over the both of them and it turns out it is just Croup. WHEW. Croup is the smeagol-esque scratchy voice and barking cough. Our 4th time with it so I should know better by now. Dr said the 2nd night is worse so let's hope he is on the mend soon! I know I will have sleepless nights soon but 1,2,3,4,5 and 6am were pretty brutal.
I won't go into detail of my sciatica pain, I'll do that on Thursday. I think I look like this when I walk though:
Let's just say I never ever thought I would go to to a Chiropractor and I've been twice this week.

People make fun of soccer moms but let me tell you something, I have been WAITING until my Saturday mornings are consumed by Sports. I'm sure the day will come when I change my mind and just want to go get mimosa drunk with my girlfriends but right now I love it. Ford had his first game this weekend and while it wasn't the World Cup those little kids had so much fun. We even took the team to Krispy Kreme afterwards to celebrate their effort! 
(I ate 3 donuts. I stole from children)

2 Sundays in a row! My goal is to get to Church twice a month. This past Sunday was the first day of Sunday school and although we had a few tears to start I think he liked it! I was very active in church as a kid, both in the choir and as an acolyte so I would love to add some religion to Ford's life. His daycare is not Church based.

(East Coast Natalie's 30 day Challenge to not buy new clothes)
I haven't bought any new clothes because let's face it...who likes to buy maternity clothes?! But I'm going to need some new undergarments as this ass has doubled in size. Remember that scene from Road Trip? Did you kill a Cheetah?! 

(I'm following along with the same rules as Chasing Pink Fireflies)
Menu via Etsy
We have done pretty well with this except for the several consignment sales I have been to and things we needed for the boys (and little girl). I mean come on....$2.
We just HAVE to stop eating out. I need a good weekly meal calendar. Ideas? There was one on Instagram once that doughmestichousewife posted and I tracked down but alas I didn't keep that info. I could possibly buy the one above and laminate it to re-use every week?

And then this...

Hand sanitizer K


  1. Oh my that last photo!! Hilarious. I'm going to do this to my parents' phones without telling them. What a cute sale find. I went to Wallace's twice - so great! I love soccer mornings, baseball mornings were fun until it got serious. I miss the kids not knowing where first base was instead of asking the score. I hope your house has recovered (we go to the same Peds too - just a different office :) ).

  2. I just found your blog and you are funny! My daughter Olivia just had croup .. well it turned into a double ear infection .. which didn't quite go away - so she's on her second antibiotics and I think all better! But that Tuesday eCard is hysterical! And I so remember having to buy new underware when pregnant with O - it was a sad, sad day. Until I put them on. And then it was the best day of my life.