Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Report

AC Broken
Camping out downstairs. 

Yep. AGAIN. The issue with having a Home Warranty is that they will patch and fix and repair as long as they can get away with it. Our compressor is shot so they are scrambling trying to find one to fit our system so they don't have to pay for an ENTIRE new system. Max played the in-laws are visiting card, the toddler card and somehow left out the preggo wife card so we are laying that down pretty thick today. I am VERY VERY thankful it is cloudy and rainy today so that our downstairs system can somehow try to cool off upstairs too. Sheesh.


It is very embarrassing and pathetic how much I love this sale. I get in line at the YMCA on a Friday (with a zillion other women) and shop early since I volunteer. I think I overbought for Ford (again) but he is a 3T for the most part...some tops are 4T so I was shopping in both sections. I also really scored for my stepson and got just a few things for baby girl. I have been so so so fortunate with hand-me-downs for her (THANK YOU FRIENDS!!!!) that I really just picked up 3-6 month sizes for daycare in February. I didn't want to try to shop any further since who knows 1. how big she is or 2. when she is coming.

This is the line at 4:30pm, 30 minutes before we can get in. Thank goodness they were handing out Pizza samples!

Volunteering Friday night is a riot but guess how many people asked me if I'm having twins? 5. How many commented on my size? 9. So I put a sticker on my bump that said 30 weeks along with my nametag so I'd be left alone. I have made a few friends through the sale and we all have so much fun volunteering together..problem is I never get their names! And the other issue is if you volunteer Friday night you just keep shopping while you put stuff away. But I did make $130 selling Ford's old stuff!!! Can't wait for that check and the Wallace Wearhouse check to arrive. What we really should do is just buddy up. You find someone who has a kid the same age/size/birthday but a few years older and just buy their wardrobe. I joked that I should make business cards that say Boy-March Birthday with my email address. ha!

Mom & Dad's 40th Anniversary
These two obviously deserve a party but they are on a pretty amazing trip out in California and I think that is a better celebration for them. Mom doesn't do well with travel and new places so this could be one of her last "big" trips. We had dinner with them Saturday night at our favorite Ruth's Chris and then went to J Sam's for the best coconut cake EVER.
 J Sam is a buddy of my brother's and has a great spot right by George's Brasserie and Taco Mac. Check it out! 

40 years is so incredibly impressive this day and age. They are still the love of eachother's lives and best friends. I'm sure I'll feel the same way about my husband in 33 years but right now he has lost 18 pounds eating the lamest foods, plays golf every weekend (6 whole hours), is leaving town for 5 days (again) and is separating yogurt in the fridge and it smells awful. So he isn't winning any awards with this pregnant chick.

Iphone Dump
I need to start doing this. I take so many pictures with my phone and they sit there. Look for a post later this week about how I back-up and store photos. It will be from a paranoid OCD perspective. ;)
I made him pretend he was the teacher and read to me. He couldn't stop laughing.

Fall Parish Day at Church. It is my goal this year to get to Church twice a month. Question, do your 3 year olds go to Sunday School? Ours starts Sunday and it is an hour long! What do I go do? Adult Sunday School? Will he sit for that long?

At the pool with his buddy Taylor. I am really really really going to miss the pool. A good friend for him + a good friend for me + pool toys + curly fries and this place is heaven.

Laughing at me screaming at Football. Post-Parish Day balloon.

 So besides the AC issue, Saints loss, husband leaving and being questioned if I really have more than 1 baby in my belly I had a pretty good weekend. This little guy was pretty well behaved and I'm just trying to soak up fun goofy days with him as much as I can. 



  1. You had better post your loot. You know those are my fave pics. Total score. Our sale starts Wednesday. I am stoked. You are already 30 weeks? Whoa! That deserves nachos.

  2. My friend volunteers every year too - honestly I don't even think she buys anymore. She loves it. I hit up the 1/2 sale and got a few basics. Can't wait for the Wallace sale! So sorry about the AC. Love all the iPhone pics! Our Sunday school is during the service we attend but I've known parents to sneak off for coffee ;). Congrats to your parents!