Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall 2014 TV Lineup (AKA Maternity Leave All-Nighter Ammo)

Still one of the best TV shows EVER.

With the endings of 24, True Blood and Dexter; and Downton and Mad Men not slated to start until 2015 we are in dire need of some shows to watch while we are up 24/7 with a newborn.

(Damn UK fans get Downton September 21st)

Last maternity "leave" we binge watched Treme and Mad Men. I have seen tons of previews for this Fall's new TV season.....Katherine Heigel, Kate Walsh, and show called Selfie? Ugh. Anyone have any new suggestions? We don't have many fall shows we love. Our favorites in general are Justified, 24, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, True Detective, Dexter, Modern Family, Archer, and Bones. I deleted all 1 zillion Modern Family shows off my DVR this weekend. I love it but with Football starting there was no way I could watch them all. And I think I'm the last person to admit I still watch Grey's Anatomy.

If you've never watched Archer, here is mashup of best quotes:

Here are the shows that still remain on our DVR schedule for this fall:

The Blacklist "State of Affairs" September 22
We loved this last year and even though the main female character makes you want to pull your hair out (sometimes).... this is a great action packed show and James Spader is magnificent.

This is probably one of the best shows on television. No trashy kardashians, this show is real life. Watch 3 and come disagree with  me. I dare you. Each episode has a 79% chance of tears.

My guilty pleasure. I let these stack up and binge watch when Max is out of town.

And here are some new to us shows that have been highly recommended:

Friday Night Lights 
Never seen it but this Emmy Preview makes me want to start now!

Breaking Bad
Did y'all love this show?

House of Cards
Heard this was pretty stellar too and I have a major girl crush on Kate Mara

My girlfriends told me this was highly addictive. Do Husbands watch?

Got any other favorites we should be watching?

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