Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last Few Baby Items We Could Possibly Need


This post is more for myself as a reminder but here are the things we don't have yet but might need in baby's first few months. Otherwise we are all set. Diapers are out, baby relaxing areas are ready (Pack n play, rock n play napper, swing...etc) and bags are PACKED.

Ours broke last time and we never bought a new one. I used the *gasp* microwave...

We need an additional one since my light sleeping son requires two. One to stay and one to travel? I wish we could find the one he has but I snagged it out of my parents' attic. It must be from the 80's but it is loud as hell.

Ergo Infant Insert. My friend MJ (THANK YOU!) offered me her Ergo after seeing my Instagram post and I think this insert will be perfect for the colder weather.

Need your feedback on this one. After having diastasis recti I think I could use the extra support. And after my fast food and ice cream consuming I need all the help I can get. (PS-This chick just made my top 10 people I would like to punch list)

Any Madeline book! Gotta girl up our library of kid's books.

You can never have too many of these right? Ford was a spitter (reflux) and I swear I was always doing laundry. These were my favorite brand.

Ford stole the one from the nursery. Ass.

I have been informed that CMC says they "frown upon" pacifiers. For a mom whose son nursed 40 minutes straight on one side (I had no idea what I was doing) I will bring my fucking own! First no nursery and now no pacifiers. I better see a significant reduction in cost to have this baby!

These look handy for all those "Bluetooth" AKA hands-free spots you lay down the baby. Anyone have one of these?

Out with the blue! I do have a white one in there now but white might get yucky.

I like these b/c it seems like the baby won't feel claustrophobic with a sheet smushed against their face. I had one the first go round but it was borrowed. Any favorite nursing covers?

I think that is it! I definitely feel prepared if I went into labor today since I know she won't be in her room for awhile but still might snag the pacifiers tonight!

Very ready (I think) (for a drink)
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