Friday, October 17, 2014

Mid 30's Nursing Mom Cardigan Crack Shopping Spree

I'm really trying not to buy any clothes over the winter. After baby girl is born I will be in weight loss mode probably for a year (and then forever) so it doesn't make sense to splurge on bigger new clothes if I will be back in my old winter clothes next year. Yep, I'm giving myself a year. #shortgirlproblems #iatetoomuchbojanglesproblems #damnstarbuckslemonicedpoundcakeproblems

That being are a few things I would add to my wardrobe if I had swiped someone else's credit card number off a receipt in a dumpster:

Love a good cowlneck. Spit-up would totally be hidden.

Technically I could wear this now. Maybe I deserve this since the spouse is playing golf for 3 solid days while I entertain his parents. *cough*

I wonder how this looks on. Too potato sacky? Could be great with My FUGGS (Faux Uggs) and leggings while feeding, pumping and netflixing all day.

Damn Anthro....killing it huh? This has buttons. Buttons = Boob access. I could toss this on over my maternity jeans that I'll be in until Girl Scout Cookie season if someone was dropping by to say hello. PLEASE STOP BY TO VISIT. 

I swear this is the last Anthro item. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. (Do those legs go all the way up?) I might be too short for this.

That's right. Fucking Talbot's! I might order this now. Am I cocky enough to order an XS? Thanksgiving with brown leggings and boots? With a Belly Bandit, Spanx, Ergo, breast pads, granny panties and a BIG AS HELL COCKTAIL? Maybe I should go for purple..not sure I can swing yellow.

Great over a turtleneck too! Hmmmmm. I think my Mom and I need mother-daughter versions of this. Dialing.........DAD!!!!

I'm cardigan obsessed. I'm actually wearing one RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE. And I have to miss this year's Saints vs Panthers game. And since I would have spent $78.92 on gameday food I think this Stadium sweater is an apology to myself for not being able to go.

This is tempting. Not too pricey and I could just go up a size (or two). Problem is boobs are NOT accessible.

I die. But with Dairy Farm titties this might make me look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

I own this in short sleeve and LOVE her shirts. They are expensive but cut so perfectly that you look beautifully dressed up while hiding a muffin top. Would love to add a long sleeve version .

I don't own a StS piece yet. Anyone know how these fit? Love this top but would hate to order it a size up only for a year. Guess I could always alter it.

Notice there are no pants posted. Because...............fuck pants.



  1. Love all your choices! I too am feeling depressed just thinking about postpartum dressing. I have my sister's 30th birthday party a mere 4 weeks after my c-section, not thrilled because I know I'm still going to feel yuck!I bought a shirt but have zero idea what I'm going to do for pants... I'm assuming maternity jeans :)

  2. You owe yourself at least a few of those (love the anthro cardigan)! And I love a button up these days (with a nursing tank underneath) - it makes nursing so easy and still so covered. And pants suck, but I did buy a few off some instragram sellers in sizes larger than what I usually wear for after (like j.crew jeans for $20 in a style I already had, just a bit larger). If I keep up my doughnut obsession I'll have to go back to maternity (I was actually there before they opened today, but the doughnuts were ready and hot).

  3. Your posts are hysterical!! My life motto is fuck pants - and it's been serving me very well. Also, about two months into Olivia, someone told me that I could just lift my shirt up - I didn't have to take it off, or wear a nursing shirt. It was this epiphany that my sleep deprived mom brain would have never figured out myself. After that I just wore whatever the F I wanted (read: whatever the F fit over my a billion size larger than now, boobs) - and never looked back.