Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Report-GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I hate that I don't have a good picture (see previous posts about massive photo OCD) but my little guy scored his first goal this weekend!

The look on his face of pure joy and satisfaction was absolutely priceless. I was so proud of him and ecstatic he got to experience the satisfaction of scoring. He may not grow up to be Neymar but there is nothing like seeing your kid accomplish something huge (in their eyes) and he was on cloud nine the rest of the day!

Saturday night I put on the last fancy dress that can fit over this belly and went to the Member Guest dinner where my husband had been playing Golf for the previous 3 days. Anybody else a Golf widow? I don't hate the sport. I do like that he gets some "guy time" and has a hobby that he loves....BUT FOR FUCK'S SAKE WHY DOES IT TAKE 6 HOURS?????????? I feel guilty if I go get a pedicure for an hour.

Anyways, he played with my friend Janet's husband and while they didn't win I think they took home the trophy for most bourbon consumed. We hung out with my friend Abbie and her husband and their buddies from Greensboro at the highly intoxicating (ha) dinner. We were by FAR the most tame people there.

And then I was done. I'm pretty much spent. If I have some caffeine I can get a load of laundry done but otherwise I'm pooped. I'm the last of my pregnant friends (Congrats Lauren, Elie, Martine, Shelby, and Mary Katherine!) and ready to meet this little girl! I think my son coming early has spoiled me so I am just under the assumption this baby is going to do the same.

We did fit in two birthday parties....

and Sunday morning we went to Hall Family Farm for the last time. I wanted to go to the Pineville Fall Fair but it is a long walk to the entrance and I just don't have it in me. I sound like a wimp but when you are 5'2" I think you should only have to carry 9 months and not 10. It was a gorgeous weekend and the Farm was packed but the boys got to play on the slide.........

Most of this weekend (and the 2nd half of the week since someone was golfing) was spent snuggling my little boy. He must know what is going on, or is associating his mother-in-law being in town with us leaving but he is very very attached to mommy right now. I can't say that I mind because I'm soaking in all the time where it is just the two of us but I wish it was easier to carry him to bed!
Snoogle, Peanut, Mom's huge belly.

And really Nick Jr? Blaze? Ford is already obsessed and cheering "GOOOO Blaze" sounds like my high school when we counted down to 4:20 at our lackluster Football games. (Sorry Roberson Rams....we were better at Soccer when I was in school)
Hope you all had lovely weekends,
9 Months K
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