Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weekend Report-Alzheimer's Walk, Family Time and Baby Girl Sprinkle

What a weekend.

My parents came in town for the Charlotte Walk to End Alzheimer's on Saturday. This year's walk EXCEEDED OUR GOAL!!!!! Charlotte raised over $300,000 for Alzheimer's research! Very proud to be a part of such an amazing organization. And this also happened...
Yep. I couldn't say no. I was a little bit of an emotional wildcard but I pulled it off and only used my typed up speech as a guide. 

I realize I am tooting my own horn a bit but I'm proud that this emotional pregnant woman was able to speak in front of several thousand people without crying.  Maybe more proud I did it while looking like a huge grape.

View from Stage:

Big thanks to my friend Margaret for coming to walk with us and to Caycee and Ashley for posting about it on their blogs. I ask this favor because The Charlotte Observer did NOTHING about the walk and Alzheimer's Disease is still lacking in awareness. Just by those two girls sharing my story several people emailed me about my family's journey and we even gained one walker. One of the people that emailed me happens to live in Charlotte, is around my age, and has kids my age. I also got to meet one of my Instagram friends at the walk that is going through the same battle my family is. Social Media is such an incredible tool when it comes to reaching people about your story. Thank you both so much and expect treats in the mail from me soon.

Up next we had soccer.

Poor guy was exhausted after the walk. Thank goodness there are only two noon games. 9:00am works much better for my little early bird (and his early bird mama).

which we followed up with lunch at Rooster's.

The two napkin BLT was out of this world. 

Saturday night we ate dinner at home. I walked the medium route that morning but it was still a little too much for this out of shape mama so staying home was perfect.

This time of year I turn into a major homebody so maybe that will work out perfect with maternity leave. 
Sunday my Dad helped me knock some stuff off my to-do list and we hung all the pictures upstairs. More on that tomorrow.

And then Sunday afternoon my sweet friends threw me a Sprinkle!

My friend EA's house looked gorgeous with fresh flowers and the hostesses picked the BEST food!

My Three Son's White Spicy Pimento Cheese, Chicken Salad from Mayo Bird (YUM!), my friend Abbie's Oreo Truffles, MJ's delicious bruschetta and petit fours from Publix that tasted like gourmet Zebra Cakes. Those girls know me well!

I was spoiled rotten. Thank you all so much for such an amazing afternoon!

Official Monogram (Please don't let my sonogram lady be wrong that it's a girl!!!)

Killer pajamas from sister-in-law. Thank you Jackie Wackie!!!!

A still very emotional

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