Thursday, October 2, 2014

Southern Bourbon Mountains Baby Bag Necessities

Baby Bag Picks

It has been several years since I carried around a Baby Bag! Here are the necessities from what I can remember. What am I missing?

My bag is the Kate Spade Stevie. I treated myself to that for working several Friday's in a row. It is one of the few diaper bags I think you will use after and is a great carry-on size for flying.

And not to be left out...Ford gets his own bag!
Yep, my friend Marion just launched her company CeCe Dupraz and they make these adorable big kid pouches. This pouch is the perfect size to store a few items for big brother and sneak into little sister's baby bag. I'll pack a car, Cliff Z fruit, 1 pair of underwear (just in case), some band-aids and a few other treats for him.

The diaper case is by my friend Liz's company in Charleston, Urbane Baby. I was given this for Ford in a boy pattern and had to go order one for baby girl's diaper bag! These are great because I toss in a travel pack of wipes and several diapers and can grab this if I'm running into a public restroom or Max even takes it in his Diaper Dude Bag. And when I stopped using the big baby bag and went to a purse I would just keep this filled and move it from purse to purse.

Here are the rest of the items from above. Seems like so much stuff compared to what I've been carrying around the past two years! And I didn't even list the other two types of wipes I used to carry, pacifier wipes and boogie wipes! I'm a TOTAL wipe addict. 

Elephant Bag Charm

Lip care



  1. Love those pouches! I am always looking for more pouches.

  2. What a great post! I have a few pregnant friends I'm going to send this too!

  3. I love boogie wipes. Is that weird? I am a fan of Urbane Living too! SS rocks a lot of her dresses, because once they are outgrown, they are awesome swing tops!

  4. I think you covered everything!! I love that bag you have for Ford- I might need to get one for Miller and I might need one of those diaper cases too. All the pink is so fun!

  5. I love that diaper holder! I'm still using the one from my first. And I mentioned on IG but I love my covered goods cover. And maybe you won't need the nipple shield this time - fingers crossed!