Thursday, April 23, 2015

Alzheimer's Funnies....

Laughter is the best medicine so I thought I would give y'all a little giggle from a few comments made by my mother the past few days:

1. Mom: I'm bigger than you.
    Me: No you are not, what do you weigh?
    Mom: Fuck if I know

2. Me: Why is there a pound of jewelry in your purse?
    Mom: You never know when you need to look pretty.

3. Me: What is on your face?
    Mom: Well I guess not what I was supposed to put on it. (It was deodorant. I guess it kind of looks like foundation?)

4. Me: What do you want for Mother's Day?
    Mom: We can buy something today and you can just wrap it since I'll forget.

5. Mom: Where is you know who. You know. That person you like. 
    Me: Max?
    Mom: No, the person you really like. (BAHAHAHAHA)

6. Mom: Hi little girl you are so adorable 
    Me: Mom, that's not my baby. (In the daycare pick up room)

7. Mom: I LOVE this place. This place is the best. I love coming here. Has the menu changed?
    (This was McAlisters and I have never taken her there before)

8. (At the hospital after Amelie was born)
    Mom to nurse: We are so excited to see what color she will be. 
    Me (embarrassed): I promise I'm not sleeping around with the United Nations, my husband is Brazilian so she is curious about what her skin color will be.

9. Mom: Where is Daddy?
     Me: Arizona for meetings
    Mom: No, your house's Daddy. 
    Me: Max? At work
    Mom: Okay, any other Daddies I should know about?


  1. She has a point! Some days require more jewelry than others! Xx

  2. I've been there- you gotta enjoy the entertaining side, right?

  3. You have to leugh, because if you don't, you'll cry. My mother can't talk any longer, so I miss those days. I remember her being outraged that "the man in the chair over there" had been taking my father's pills. "That man" was, of course, my father!