Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Total SHIFT Show

There are already buzzfeed articles making fun of the whole Lilly for Target debacle and that is fine and dandy but I just wanted to voice my opinion on the matter:

There was a well hyped advertising campaign. Thousands of women...hundreds of thousands of women and girls got excited for this launch. I have never shopped a Jane Doe for Target launch so I had no idea what to expect. Lilly knew. Target knew. They knew that they were offering $30 famous shift dresses to an explosive crowd of preppy women that crash the Lilly website EVERY time there is a sale. EVERY TIME. Kathee you are full of SHIFTY SHIT:

Meanwhile, Target's chief merchandising and supply chain officer Kathee Tesija took to Target's blog to explain what went down with the launch, saying that they didn't expect all the product to sell out so quickly. 

Didn't expect it to sell out so quickly? You didn't enforce limits you assholes!!!! The fact that they let people swipe entire sections of clothes/homegoods/accessories is ridiculous. Oh, you want to buy 30 pairs of flip flops? Sure! No problem! Survival of the fittest right? 

WRONG. I have a dear friend who has one incredible daughter. This little girl makes bracelets, babysits, works in the yard, etc....all to earn extra money. Sometimes she donates it to charity. She has donated to my Alzheimer's walk. She is a true Rockbrook Girl. 

Lilly is a little out of her price range so she was thrilled about this collaboration. She planned, saved, earmarked and got up every hour starting at midnight trying to purchase.

She didn't even get to buy nail polish. The leaked links on the Target app that allowed most of the online inventory to clear out along with the black Friday-esque crowds of ebay psychos clearing out whole lines of goods left her with tears.

Lilly Pulitzer who came about the pattern after running her own juice stand is probably rolling over in her grave.

Shame on you Target and  shame on you Lilly. You knew what would happen and didn't plan whatsoever. You knew people would be so bummed they didn't get anything so you decided to launch your summer collection the VERY NEXT DAY. Oh and that free gift with purchase you offered for two days? You can stick that Lilly covered keychain where the Florida sun doesn't shine. And now seeing that Lilly is in the friends & family sale at SAKS....well all of it makes me feel like an idiotic consumer in this crazy selfish world.

And major SHAME on you ebayers. 

I lucked out that my babysitter in Asheville grabbed a few things for my daughter, and that a facebook friend through a site for selling baby things found me a dress to match. But I almost don't want to wear it because I'm ashamed I even took a small part in the frenzy.

You piss me off again Lilly and it's full on team VINEYARD VINES for this girl. Their summer stuff is cuter this year anyways.

End rant.


  1. This is AWESOME! I thought I was the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who felt this way! I was embarrassed that women were falling for this craziness!
    So sad.

  2. I did an inventory check around metro Denver early Sunday morning. The distribution was WEIRD. The only store that had anything close to a full selection was the Boulder SuperTarget. Which makes zero sense as that's the high holy land of Teva and polarfleece.

  3. I love your post title! Shift Show - fantastic!

  4. First of all you win best Lilly pun award!! Secondly all this still makes me so ragey!!! There was a girl in my store who did not look like a Lilly person at all with a cart just like that picture above! Low and behold my sister found her on Instagram just 25 mins later selling eveything at a mark up!! She ended up with a lot of hate comments but it was clear from looking through her insta that her only intention was to clear the racks and sell sell sell!! So sad!! I'm most sad for people like that little girl and plus sized girls that just wanted to be able to be a part of Lilly for once! Target and Lilly should both be ashamed!

  5. ugh. The whole thing was just so annoying to me on so many different levels. I LOVE a good deal, but on the Lilly stuff I am perfectly willing to skip out a cheapo dress, and shell out for a classic well-made dress. But I am an adult with a well-paying job so I can afford the real thing. That picture that's been all over the place annoys me to end- Lululemon, Lilly popover, and Neverfull bag? YOU ARE A WALKING CLICHE, lady! Back off the goods.

    Anyway, I did want that one piece bathing suit because Lilly apparently has abandoned the mom consumer of their swimwear, and I have no desire for a teeny tiny bikini. But alas, it was only online and I don't wake up at 3AM unless I have to because someone won't quit screaming MAMA.

    Rant over.

  6. Amen. The loser in this whole mess is the consumer. Target and Lilly are laughing all the way to the bank.I'm absolutely disgusted.

  7. I was so pissed to find Ebay has CREATED a whole Lily for Target Resale section on their website. Awful

  8. I have a pink scarf that can be worn as a cover up etc that I'm happy (read: would love to) send to the girl you mention here who saved for items. I can mail it to you or her and of course no charge. This campaign was such bullshit. Email me at erinmdemo at gmail and I will send!!