Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Name is Earl

And he's threatening to ruin Opening Day of Dove Season.

Earl....You better turn North and follow your buddy Danielle! And you Fiona, go get freaky with Shrek.

See the N in "NC"? That is where we go Dove Hunting every year on Labor Day Weekend (Well maybe 1/4 inch to the left) Not sure how good I'll shoot if the birds are zinging through the air at 45 MPH.

Images via NOAA

Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmys Mini Recap-Yes, Maybe, and FU&K No!

I'll go through all the drunk dressers later....but I'm off to work and I couldn't leave without saying....

Yes, it looks like Egyptian Hieroglyphics..but it fits her like a glove and she is brilliant so she gets an A.

You already know I love her..and this color is beautiful..but does this dress say Prom Night Walk of Shame 2045? I still think she looks great...maybe this would have been better for the MET Costume Institute party.

Sh*t No! Jewel, I wouldn't expect a 12 year old to wear this? Cut the bow off and die it Navy for the Love of God!!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crap - I love these Sconces

Restoration Hardware is all the rage...if you want your house looking like a movie set!!! Let's see....

Obese shiny Trunk, ridiculously large lamp, huge plane, massive clock..check, check, check, check.

Come on guys...yes, the rest of the Catalog is sensational but what is this.....The Aviator Home Edition? If it comes with a Leo DiCaprio I would inform you that you are 10 years too late.

Unfortunately for me I did LOVE these. I have been searching for sconces for my Dining Room and these are exactly what we need. Sh*t.

Loire Architectural Railing Sconce $289/each.

Yes, a little hefty but I LOVE them. When do you think Pottery Barn/Home Decorators Collection/CB2 will come out with a knock off? Hmm, maybe I like the Lorraine better?

Sweet dreams

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Front Door = First Impression. Please Dear Lord I hope not..........

We had a mini-dinner party this weekend and although I'm sure only 2 of the guests noticed, I HATE our front door. It is some cheap early 90's Home Depot junk with yellowing trim and AWFUL etched flowers in it. VOMIT. It literally needs to be ripped out and set on fire. Did I mention it is the color of poop?

So because it is a wretched standard door with two side panels I'm beginning to wonder, do we do all glass side panels? Then I get paranoid and think I'm making my home more accessible to crooks...maybe Hurricane Glass? Or just half glass? or None? Or a Double Door? Ohh, maybe lacquered Black?

Or do you think M would let me do this......

Ahh, people would NEVER turn down our dinner invitations now! (Well that and we have a stocked bar) Look at that door? It is soothing...it sucks you in like the calming pastel of Pepto. I want. Please??

Image via Simply Seleta

Friday, August 20, 2010

*Pretend* Retail Therapy

The wicked week of the west has continued and my remedy is shiny shopping bags filled with gorgeous items. You know what I mean. The pretty bags you fold and reuse because they are from the fanciest of fancy stores. Here are the items I would purchase if Daddy Warbucks let me borrow his charge card for a weekend.

Lucchese Boots from Zappos $299. I want to wear these ALL Fall. My Faux Frye boots might fall apart and these would look so cute with a sweater dress, right?

Roberta Roller Rabbit Lounge Set. $85.00. Just give me a cigar and an Old Fashioned.

Longchamp Le Pliage Medium $125. My nice black MK bag is going to fall apart. I bet this little shoulder bag could hold 10 mini bottles AND my Canon Rebel.

Antique Wheat Sconce, Mecox $850. I need sconces in my Dining Room. LOVE these. Any other suggestions that are 1/10 of the price?

Barbour Defence Jacket - $?. I fell in love with a blue one last year for only $299. Expensive yes, but these jackets are the best. The fact that they are becoming trendy makes me want to vomit.

Audubon Blue Heron-Z Gallerie $99. I want this SO bad. I didn't even want to post it b/c one of you might go buy it and I'll be left out in the cold. OR maybe a mysterious admirer wants to order it for me?? Hmmm??? I would order this and the pink one and be happy all September.

Lands End Cowlneck Dress $59.50. To wear with above boots and Barbour Jacket to a Football Game. Or in my Living Room lounging under the Blue Heron holding a cocktail posing for my photoshoot in Garden & Gun.

3 year old Target Wallet = justification for new one. Kate Spade Jane St. Remy $195. And what will I carry around Warbucks' credit card in anyways?

Leontine Linens. Enough said. I'm 30, I need nice linens.

I'm headed to the Market to fill the house with flowers for arriving guests. At least that can happen.

Doberge Cake. My favorite is chocolate but I wouldn't kick a Caramel out of bed.

Studded Bow Ballet Flats from Gap. $49.50. Two Ellie said Gap has great flats this year and I trust her style, have you seen her blog? She has adorable taste.

Nest Bamboo Candle. One of my absolute favorites (CZ Guest was the best and of course it is gone forever)
Neiman's $32.00

Remaining Lilies Cardigan - Anthropologie $128. Paired with skinny jeans, boots, & sleek ponytail? Hello Fall! I'll look just like Betty Draper coming home from Riding practice.

There is plenty more but I didn't want to overwhelm your gift lists for me. Happy Friday. xoxo

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tory Burch Ballet Flats - Worth it?

I'm 5'2'' on a good day and my midget a$$ really belongs in heels. But I HATE wearing them. I go to work in my Rainbows and by lunch I'm dying from my high heels.

All you Tory girls, are they worth the price tag? Are they truly that comfortable? I need a couple pair of good flats this fall. If my mission is not accomplished, I'll wear the shoes pictured below all Winter....... (husband just threw up in his mouth, hopefully I won't lose any followers!)

Best Boots around. $69
Yes, the Merrell Jungle Moc is one ugly SOB. But I dare you. Go get some thick thor-lo socks and try a pair on...HEAVEN. Also $69 (stop giggling)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mad Men Season 2

I'm having a pretty awful Sunday. Won't bore you with the details but I feel like the picture above so I decided to finish the last disc of Mad Men Season 2.

First of all, this show is depressing but I can't stop staring at January Jones. She is absolutely breathtaking...her and Christina Hendricks. And who doesn't love Peggy's balls? I HATE Jane and Pete Campbell creeps me out. I also watch this show because I wonder if this is what my grandparents were like. They all passed away before I was one and I imagine them in 1960s New Orleans being Cotton Brokers or working for American Creosote Works and having their cocktails during the day.

Oh JJ, you are ravishing. And Don..not too shabby. Don't they look like a couple from Clue?

Two of my favorites. The talented Bryan Batt who I actually met at his shop before I even watched the show! And Christina, those chichis are record-breaking. But what her fiance did in this season..WTF!!??

I loathe Jane. Nothing should be that manipulative and pointy.

And who in the hell is Joy? What was her purpose? To explain Don's time in Cali as an acid trip? She was pointless and 12 years old.

I think January Jones is fantastic as an actress. Yep, Girl crush. She makes me want to smoke a pack and drink all day. (While donning waist cinching full skirt dresses and a perfect football-helmet-do) While we are on the topic, let's pay a tribute to January Jones.....

Images via AMC, Love Actually, Google

Friday, August 13, 2010

Huff Post's 20 Biggest Magazines of 2010 so far...Really???

The Huffington Post came out with the list of the 20 Biggest Magazines of 2010..so far.

This list shocks me. I understand National Geographic, but the others? Have you read Cosmo lately? It is TERRIBLE. On our beach trip we buy every magazine possible to read as we sip cocktails in the sand and Cosmo was the worst. Better H&G is a good one, lots of ads for hydrangeas but I'll take it....so where are the Home magazines??

I charge you, blog followers, to subscribe today! Seriously, most are $12.00/year and what else can you get for $1/month that consists of glossy, pretty, luxurious, tear-out madness? I really don't want to lose another....RIP Southern accents and Domino.

1. AARP-I guess the Boomers?
2. Better Homes &Gardens-I do like this one..just SO many ads
3. Reader's Digest-Isn't this a staple in bathrooms??
4. National Geographic-Understandable
5. Good Housekeeping - Does anybody read this? I bought a Fall Issue once and it had cute ideas for Halloween
6. Gameinformer - My Xbox360 Call of Duty lovin husband is laughing
7. Woman's Day - Eddie Ross posted about this, is it hip now?
8. Family Circle - Not bad in a Dr's office
9. Ladies' Home Journal - Huh?
10. People - I have vowed not to buy smut magazines like this. Plus, In Touch is cheaper and Perez is free
11. Time - I subscribe, since I don't get to watch the News I read this on the train
12. Taste of Home - What is this?
13. Sports Illustrated - Understandable
14. Cosmopolitan - JUNK. They have been writing about the same Sex stuff for forever
15. Prevention - Flat Belly Fast? Hmmmm
16. Southern Living - I used to subscribe, but so many ads about Kiawah and painted wineglasses
17. Via - AAA Traveler's Companion? WTF?
18. Maxim - Understandable
19. O - Figures, she is going to take over the planet.
20. American Legion Magazine - ??

What do you all think? Who should be in this list?? We have the power to bump them up to the top by the end of the year!

The Today Show = Epic News Fail

I work from home on Fridays and am granted the luxury of watching news. I used to LOVE the Today show in college. Katie Couric and Matt Lauer were the duo I was watching on 9/11.

So when they do interviews like the crap shown above, I decide to change the channel to something more timeworthy, something that is innoncent and represents all that used to be good in the world....The Karate Kid. Because at least Ralph Macchio has class and character unlike 78% of the guests that are interviewed on NBC.

**And yes, I'm just bringing more attention to the Suckhan's by posting this but I need to know you are behind me! Ban the LoSuckHan family from all Media!!!! Give our girls a good role model, like Selena Gomez or Emma Watson!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've Still Got it- According to In Style

Several months ago I was browsing the mall for a get-me-out-of-this-funk present and I stumbled across this earring stand at Urban Outfitters. I hate digging through my jewelry box for all my fun earrings and thought this would be perfect to show them off.

In the September Issue of In Style, it is obvious they came to my house and thought the same thing....

Have you ever had that moment where you scream at a magazine, "I did it first!!" and your husband thinks you have lost it? Please share.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Arrogantly Shabby Pawleys Island, South Carolina Part I

When my family lived in New Orleans we would spend our summers in Destin, FL along with all the other Louisiana/Alabama/Mississippi families trying to beat the heat. But once we moved to Asheville, NC we started heading to the coast of SC. We first rented the house "Fantasea" in Pawleys Island in 1990 and have been going every year since (except the year I got married...sorry family!).

You can read about Pawleys Island history here and here. Mainly it is the oldest seaside community on the East Coast. Rice planters would ditch their plantations on the river and head here to hide from the malaria stricken mosquitoes.
All I can tell you is that it is the perfect vacation spot. It's not all Myrtle Beached out meaning that aside from the few Public Access points the beaches are only full of families vacationing there. No loud music, no jorts, nada. Just the pure open beach. Pawleys is called Arrogantly Shabby because the homes are mostly historic beautiful beach homes with a hint of wear (or tons of wear). On the South end of the Island the ocean front homes back up to the creek in the back so you have both the tidal creek and the ocean to play in.

The perfect beach house at Pawleys has the 5 major requirements:
1. Oceanfront
2. Creek dock
3. Outdoor showers
4. Screened porch beach side
5. 2nd porch creekside

"Fantasea", which is owned by friends of ours in Asheville, is the quintessential beach house. It meets all 5 requirements above along with hardwood floors and a huge deck on the beach. I have rented two other houses on the island for bachelorette parties but I cannot imagine ever spending my family vacation anywhere else.

Since I'm no Pat Conroy I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Where we set up shop for the day (Fantasea in the background w/Dad's HUGE flag)

People making me feel guilty as I have my coffee cake creekside

The creek float + coolers

Did I mention we had a good time?

Looking North up the Island

Sunset over the Creek

My father's Shrimp & Grits

P.I.P = Pawleys Island Patrol

Catching crabs (stone ones at that!) off the dock

View of the Pelican Inn coming over the South Causeway

Sunrise on our last day

Look for my next post about where to Eat/Drink/Shop at Pawleys.

All images by yours truly