Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Memory Care in Asheville

My parents and I are spending tomorrow at the Memory Care Center that is within Givens Estates in Asheville. My parents are very very lucky to live in such a great city with these amazing resources.

Taken from the Memory Care site: 
Our team, physicians and care managers, spend extended time diagnosing and assessing caregiver needs and establishing a comprehensive plan of care for an individual with memory loss. In addition, we are devoted to maintaining the accessibility of our staff to our caregivers to provide effective care management. Families are encouraged to contact us to provide practical assistance with daily problems that arise throughout the course of caring for a loved one with dementia.
The population of older adults with memory disorders and their caregivers is often one that falls through the cracks of the traditional medical system and thus is vastly underserved. The traditional medical model does not fully recognize the benefits of services designed to allow families to keep people with dementia at home as long as possible. Since most organizations must rely on the immediate intake of revenue, the cost-saving benefits of keeping a person in their home environment often go unappreciated, not to mention the higher quality of family life that can be achieved.
MemoryCare™ is the only organization of its kind in Western North Carolina. The staff and Board are dedicated to ensuring the financial sustainability of the organization, so that people with memory disorders and their caregivers have a place to go for help. We desire to keep our services affordable and available to all.

This is a huge appointment for us! We have been waiting 10 months and I'm so excited for my family to have this type of support network.

What we will be doing tomorrow is listed below. Say a prayer for us as it will be an intensely emotional but wonderful day! 
The clinic is consultative and designed to work in concert with primary care physicians. The initial evaluation is extensive and done with family members and other important caregivers present. The clinical portion of the evaluation involves history taking, cognitive testing, and physical examination. The family/caregiver portion of the evaluation involves history taking, education, problem-solving, and direction to necessary resources.
You can donate here to Memory Care's Mission.
MemoryCare™ is a non-profit charitable corporation, established to meet the rapidly growing need for appropriate assessment, treatment, and support for memory-impaired individuals and their families. We are located in Asheville, North Carolina.
Memory impairment affects close to half of the population over 85 and is one of the most common reasons for dependency in late life.
Expert management can make a significant difference to a memory impaired individual, and equip a caregiver with the physical and psychological resources they need.
The program's mission is three-fold:
  • To provide specialized medical care to older adults with memory loss
  • To support caregivers with education, counseling, and improved access to services
  • To provide community education

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  1. I hope things went well for your family- so lucky you have that kind of support local!

  2. Signs It’s Time For Memory Care Facility Many families struggle to determine the best time to transition to memory care. Still, just like how particular warning signs can forewarn a cardiac arrest, dementia or Alzheimer’s will reveal symptoms that can emphasize the presence of a progressive cognitive disorder. It’s understandable considering that dementia is a progressive condition, which means spotting the perfect time while multiple symptoms uncover may not be easy.