Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quick Post-Paper Obsession at Baggie Goose

Gorgeous NYE Table at Baggie Goose

Baggie Goose is one of my favorite stores in Asheville. They have the best products and a huge assortment of gifts ranging from silly cocktail napkins to every possible invitation ever printed. My entire Wedding Weekend invitations came from there, Save the Dates, Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony and they have impeccable customer service. They have recently moved to the Biltmore Park shopping area (I wish we had this luxury when I was growing up!) and have opened a new store in conjunction with Blossom!

I popped in there (AKA had my son with me and he was desperately trying to shoplift the snail pizza cutter) and grabbed these few items.....

How gorgeous are these Postcards???

These are from Meghan McCrary on Etsy and I LOVE them!

Go check out her shop...she has gorgeous things!

 And last but not least...these cute cards for the boys to send thank you notes!

Check out Baggie Goose if you head to Asheville! It is in a great shopping center and on your way to the J.Crew Clearance Center!

Happy NYE!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas ideas for those with Alzheimer's

My typical shopping excursion for my Mom used to consist of a trip to Talbots, Gardener's Cottage in Asheville, Kate Spade and maybe J.Crew. 
But with her onset of Alzheimer's we are learning that we need to simplify simplify simplify. So her over abundance of clothing and jewelry does not help her make decisions in the morning and are both no longer good gift ideas.

This year I think the best gifts are ones that can bring her peace and happiness...

Here are the gifts my Mom will be getting under the tree!

Angel Wings by Mary Kent Hearon from the Heart Knot.
My mom loves angel paintings. She has a few in her bedroom and quotes about angels throughout the house. She grew up a devout Catholic so I think the idea that someone is looking after her makes her feel safe. I LOVE this painting (the gold on the left) and almost want to buy the silver to hang as a pair! The best thing about this is Mary Kent is a Rockbrook Girl like myself. Shop local!!

Angel Painting by Sarah Boswell Holmes
Sarah is a friend of a friend and also paints Angels! Message me if you would like her contact info!

Acrylic Organizers

I'm going to spend the day after Christmas revamping her make-up. Mom had pink eye shadow under her eyes over Thanksgiving and while she was a good sport and giggled at her mistake I think eye shadow is not a necessity at this point. I want to have a section for face/eyes/lips. Just 1 lotion, 1 wrinkle cream, 1 concealer, 1 mascara and 1 lipstick. I have a handy dandy label maker I'll use with photos of each part of the face to help identify the product and this can rest on her dressing table

Mom still loves to listen to music and soothing peaceful music is her favorite right now. She does still love some good ole rock and roll.


I really really wish Asheville had a Blowdry bar. 
I hate doing my own hair and with her arthritis in her fingers it is just too cumbersome for mom to do her own. I bought her a package of two blow-drys from her favorite hairstylist. Dad is getting her a massage at the Biltmore Spa. Both things she needs!!!!

Mom doesn't get to read anymore but she definitely likes to look at all the photos in magazines! The more pictures the better!

You can also shop from the Alzheimer's Association to give gifts that benefit the cause! And here is a good list of other good ideas for those with dementia.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Friday, December 6, 2013

Merry Christmas to Us!!

Our good friends have been asking us to go on a trip with them for awhile. This isn't just any trip. It is a very magical amazing trip. (No, not acid).
This most recent time they asked us there happened to be a sale and we figured what the heck. We only have one kid right now (still debating on the 2nd) and instead of spending money on house stuff we decided this trip would be our Christmas present to each other. Because lets face it..... a vacation together is way better than the front door we gave each other two years ago. 

So...starting Friday at 1pm we will leave F in the care of his maternal grandparents for the first time ever and head to the Tennessee Mountains. Don't worry...Boudreaux has the best house/dog sitters around!

Merry Christmas!

I will do my best to stay OFF my phone while I am there so expect a full report when we return. Until then read Three Pixie Lane's review here. (Our weather will be nothing like hers but I am totally content staying indoors by the fire and drinking bourbon while it monsoons)


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chocolate Chip Nutella Sea Salt Cookies

I should title this the best damn cookies with the worst cooking instructions but here we go...

My friend Margaret made these for our supper club and we devoured them. I think there were only two left over and as soon as the last taillights were seen headed out of our neighborhood Max and I played the Hunger Games to fight over them.

Lucky for you (and me) this recipe is so easy a Katharine could do it.

Grocery Store List:
1 Package of Pillsbury Pre-cut Big Size Cookies
Coarse Sea Salt (Sea salt is buy one get one at the Harry Peter right now)
Additional items:
skim milk for cookies
a pack of pastel mentos to eat while you work the following day
Oh...they have Little Debbie Christmas Trees...keep walking
a huge diet coke to drink after the cookie swap party you took the cookies to since you will be hungover


1. Get a pan. Spread out those cookies. (That's what he said)

2. Flatten cookies a little. Not a mammogram smush but a stepped on a roach with a croc smush.

3. Put dollops of nutella in the smushed cookie.

4. Pinch cookie back up to cover nutella. Don't mix the cookie and nutella too much. I pinched mine kind of like a hershey kiss. That melted.

5. Bake as directed. The wrapper says 13-15. I did 11.

6. While Cookies are still warm sprinkle on the sea salt. I probably went a little overboard on the sea salt but some of it falls off.

7. Pour a big glass of milk (or bourbon) and enjoy your cookies while watching the Walking Dead half season Finale. WTF!!!

8. Wake up the next morning mad at yourself for eating a dinner of carbs. (Especially when you are going on a trip with 3 taller skinnier hot chicks)

9. Realize life is short and eat the leftovers for breakfast.

10. Open Coke. Start working.

Fat Kat