Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Report-No Baby Yet

I know, it isn't even my due date. But here's the thing. When your first child comes at 37 weeks with your water breaking you just assume the exact same thing will happen for baby #2. Especially when 96% of people look at you and say no WAY will you make it to November. Well folks, November is Saturday and I'm just sitting here huge and pregnant. 

I think she isn't here yet because I'm fully prepared. So prepared in fact:
-All NB and 0-3 outfits are washed and folded and put in drawers
-I bought formula (I had to supplement last time)
-Diapers are eagerly awaiting their shitty future in the downstairs changing spot (pack n play) and in her room upstairs
-Bottles are clean and ready
-Pump has arrived (Thanks Obama!)
-House is clean
-All laundry is done
-Thank you notes are almost finished
-I'm ahead at work and have major senioritis
-Fridge and pantry are full (somewhat)
-Bourbon has been purchased. Next stop.......Winestore
-Dog is getting a bath today
-Mother in law is in town
-Parents are on alert
-Car is being fixed today (Maybe that one thing will mean my water breaks today. Because the BEST place to get your car worked on is in Stallings and I just drove back from that traffic and it's a BITCH)
-Pre-registered at hospital
-Newborn info filled out for Pediatrician
-Carseat is installed (In the car in Stallings.....maybe that will jinx me. Come on baby)
I could go on and on. I ironed guest towels this weekend. CLEARLY this little girl needs to come soon. Or Max's guess is she is on "latin time". Max and his mother like to do things slow and are never in a hurry. (Max says this is normal due to their latin roots) My father, Max's father, myself and Ford all have Swiss roots (and Irish/French...etc) and we are all morning people and early and busy busy busy hurry hurry hurry. I guess this little girl will be like her father. Lord help us.

Especially if she comes out looking like this:
That's all I have for today. We had Ford's 2nd to last soccer game and a fun birthday party on Saturday. Then I got to go visit the sweetest newborn and his mama! Otherwise my weekend was low key and uneventful. (DAMMIT) In my nesting mania I also purged 30 magazines. I've had them sitting around since I was in the ICU in March and piled up from the Beach. Get ready for a huge tear-out Tuesday tomorrow.

OH MY GOD ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE THE BABY IN THE STORE? (Said to me 3 times in the past 4 days)

My husband has lost 20 pounds during my pregnancy and has touched me less than strangers. Yeah, this is my reaction when he tries to feed me his healthy dinners...

He's Fired. So here's something to make myself feel better. 


  1. I'm dying right now laughing!!!!! I am sooo uncomfortable it's not even funny. My husband is terrified of me because like that ecard he doesn't know if he's getting soft sensitive me or crazy bitch me when be opens his mouth! My first was 4 days late and this one is scheduled 5 days early so I'm trying not to get too antsy over here because I'm still not ready!! One of my girlfriends had her first 3 weeks early and he second 5 days late... I know you don't want to hear that but man was she angry haha! Hang in there fingers crossed she comes soon!!