Friday, September 17, 2010

Waiting and waiting and waiting for Fall

I'm working on a post full of beautiful Fall visions....but being that it is in the 90's here in NC I don't have the heart to post it. And with the absolutely horrid forecast.....I just want to pretend it is 62 degrees (as the high!)

 The only thing I can do this weekend to get myself in Fall mode are purchase the following....

Williams Sonoma makes some of the best Kitchen soaps and this one smells wonderful! Its way too expensive for washing dishes but at this point I don't care. And some of you might say it is cheesy but again, I don't care. I buy the Christmas one too!!!!

I found about the ever stylish Megan on twitter last night and she posted about these tantalizing suckers. Megan.... did you come buy out all the ones at Target in Charlotte too??? I was stuck with that apple scent and I would rather have pumpkin!!! Just look cuter burning them than I do!

M, may I please purchase these things this weekend?? You playing Golf = $40. Me buying smelly stuff = $40. Deal? Deal!

OH, and maybe several dozen pumpkins, a few scarecrows, and 10 pounds of fake spiderwebs? I kid. But not about the pumpkins.

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